Friday Random Ten: Inflicting My Musical Taste on the Houseguest edition

Another week, another Friday Random Ten. This one is playing right now, and poor grrlscientist can actually confirm that yeah, I listen to this stuff.

Bergfäst (Mountain Haunted) Gjallarhorn
Before The Night Is Over Gaelic Storm
My Weakness Moby
Hjaðningaríma Gjallarhorn
I’m not worried at all Moby
The Good Times Are Killing Me Modest Mouse
Forshyttan Hedningarna
Don’t Make Me Dream About You Chris Isaak
The Man Comes Around Johnny Cash
Hot Hot Hot!!! The Cure


  1. says

    I am really enjoying this music, but I have been accused at times of possessing a rather eclectic collection myself (but PZ has even more eclectic music than I do!). and PZ’s speakers have such great sound quality that I almost melt every time I hear Moby, in particular.

  2. Joe says

    you need to check out the band “Municipal Waste”

    its perfect for those long and tedious lab sessions

  3. says

    Ehh, PZ, what’s with the recurring, emm, Viking element? I mean, I know your ancestors wore horned helmets and all that. But surely this points to an unhealthy tendency towards pillage?

  4. says

    Vikings are just pirates without the frilly shirts, so of course I’m into them.

    Are you getting worried that I might come sailing up the Rhine some day, ax in hand, and say hello?

  5. says

    I’m always happy to see Gjallarhorn and Hedningarna on other people’s music lists. And you have Chris Isaak and Johnny Cash too. Very nice.

  6. taalinukko says

    Hedningarna are old favorites of mine, something about the bands associated with your drunken college days I guess. The guys at have done a lot to improve my quality of life on this side ‘o the pond.

  7. Pastor Fuzz says

    Oooh!! Oooh!! Scandihoovian music! Anything on Northside Records is just insanely good! But it’s much too intelligent to be very popular.

    I’ve never heard Gjallarhorn in concert, but I’ve heard Hedningarna, Vasen and Annbjorg Lien once, Frifot twice and Hoven Droven several times, all of them phenominal. Hoven Droven, though. Wow! Their recordings are barely an echo of what they are in concert. Five totally ordinary looking middle-aged guys, but when they crank it up, look out! THEY ROCK like no other band I’ve ever heard! Seriously! Makes me just HAVE to go raid England! Makes this old Svenska pojke proud! Whew! Uff da.

    BTW, this site seems not to support the extended character set. Makes Scandihoovian names look kinda nekkid without them.

    Anyway, fine taste in music, Prof. Myers! You can inflict it on me anytime.

  8. says

    If you haven’t heard Hanne Hukkelberg yet, try and find her newest release. It’s a cross between Scandinavian folk and Andrew Bird!

  9. says

    and umm… I haven’t been drinking, really (maybe that’s the problem) but in case you reply to these, I mistyped the address up there. I was going to tout Northside by way of an excuse to correct it but I see the Pastor beat me to it so I’ll just sneak away and hide.

    I like the new site but I miss pirate mode.

  10. says

    Afraid? Hardly! I’d be delighted if you sailed up the Rhine to terrify the local monks and peasants. In our case, though, you’d need to hang a louie at the Main.

    Seriously, if you ever head over here, let me know, so we can lay in some casks of mead and whole roast boars.

  11. Kristjan Wager says

    BTW, this site seems not to support the extended character set. Makes Scandihoovian names look kinda nekkid without them.

    Are you sure?
    Tied previewing, and it seems like you have to use the HTML entities for them (for example å for å)

    Funny thing, if you preview some text with html entities, the entities are changed into the letters, and you’ll have to retype the entities.

    Still some work left for the tech-staff I guess.

  12. says

    Heh! I have the first three Northside samplers, and finally broke down and picked up Gjallarhorn’s Sjofn. Excellent enhanced CD — watching Jenny Wilhelms dance around to “Suvetar” is great fun. (Hint to guys: She’s nekkid. And has every right to be.)

  13. wildlifer says

    Seven Nationsis a Celtic rock band (with bag pipes) I saw at the Scottish Games in Tulsa years ago.