Spam Spam Spam Spam

Cleaning out the spam filter there was an advertisement for an on-line sex-toy retailer. Unfortunately for them, I would probably have been happy to give their site a nod if they had simply sent a request directly to me, but I am not happy to give their site a nod for the glorious accomplishment of being caught in the spam trap.

Still, you can’t beat dildo retailers for their charm and civility these days. As proof, I give you this well-done slice of Spam:

Honoured Website! seclude in up the cyclopean work. visit my website only if you are overwhelming 21 check this:

[url=http://****.**/]online sex toys[/url] portal,

[url=http://****.**/]email server[/url] , buy

[url=http://****.**/c.html?c=22/]Buy Dildo[/url]

Pervert Justice is now an Honoured Website. Who knew?


  1. chigau (違う) says

    I’m guessing “overwhelming 21” means “over 21 years of age”.
    But “seclude in up the cyclopean work” baffles me.
    Is that some kind of kink?

  2. Andrew G. says

    The strained language is probably the result of “rogeting” — the automated substitution of random synonyms from a thesaurus in order to defeat certain filtering methods.

    I’m guessing “seclude in” = “keep”, “cyclopean” = “impressive” or some comparable synonym, so “keep up the impressive work”.

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