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Today was lovely, and I had to wait outside for a delivery, so I decided to bring His Holiness out with me. I chatted with neighbors and read about swamps, and he explored the village and had some salad. We live in a cul-de-sac sort of arrangement (it was literally the only flat we could get – the rental market in Dublin is not OK), which means that our singularly un-athletic cat only has two ways to get out, and has shown little interest in either of them. That means we get to let him explore a bit, and eat grass to his heart’s content.

Our recent trip the the vet confirmed that his hips became a bit deformed in his childhood on the street, and that he needs to lose a couple kilos. We’ve been regulating his food intake for a while, since it became clear early on that his fondest ambition is to become Orb. Apparently it hasn’t been enough, so we’ve scaled back a little more, and I’m trying to let him out more so he’ll get exercise. We’ve tried string, laser pointers, and all the other stuff, and he’s just too lazy to actually put in the effort.

But put him outside? The amount of tail twitching alone probably burns a calorie or two. He’s got his favorite clump of grass, but he samples all around the village. I was worried initially that he might eat something unhealthy, but he’s shown no interest at all in anything but grass. The dude just wants his salad.

He’s shown a great deal of interest in birds, but this area is filled with more athletic cats than he, so while I do monitor him, I’m not particularly worried that he’ll catch one. He’s a great companion, but a mighty hunter he is not.

The image shows a British Shorthair cat with stripey shoulders and head, white legs and neck, and a white muzzle. His white fur looks velvety soft (it is), and his white paws have a little dirt on them. He is lounging on grass dappled by sun and shade

Taking a break between circuits of the village


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  1. Katydid says

    Well, if you put a cat in the title, of course people are going to rush in! Nice-looking cat, pretty markings!

    Where I live, if the foxes and coyotes don’t get the cats, the cars will. Or the random pit bulls that people let run free, so they attack any animal they can reach.

    So glad you can treat your cat to the outdoors occasionally.

  2. says

    We’ve got a lot of foxes around here, but I don’t know if they interfere with the cats. I imagine the cars take a toll, though.

    And thanks for the compliments 😀

  3. StevoR says

    Awww! His holiness is beautiful.

    Had to cut down the amount my cat eats too – 1 cup of dry food per day. (She won’t eat anything else. She also likes her grass..

  4. StevoR says

    Incidentally minor nit you may want to fix here in case this helps :

    which means that our singularly un-athletic cat only has ways to get out, and has shown little interest in either of them.

    Think theres a missing word (two?) in there..

    Feel free to delete this comment after fixing..

  5. StevoR says

    Oh and my big fat happy cat has a skywalk going from the bathroom window cat flap to an outdoor enclosure. Much less grand and smaller than this one but along similar lines :

  6. says

    Fixed it, thanks for the correction!

    Unless there’s a compelling reason to remove them, I like having receipts like this in the comments acting as a sort of changelog.

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