Artist spotlight: Shantilly Spins Shimmering Sounds

Shantilly is a musician and abolitionist with whom I’ve enjoyed interacting with on twitter. They’re a working musician who makes haunting and evocative songs. My current favourite of theirs is “Deicide”:

We all benefit from having people working to decorate time for us, and our society undervalues musicians – and other artists – to a criminal degree.  Check out their work, and support them if you can!


  1. StevoR says


    I guess, tragically and horribly there is such a thing as modern slavery but that’s just not a word I expected to hear outside of historical context..

  2. says

    I won’t speak for them, but I’ve heard the phrase used for both abolition of police (as a step or two beyond defunding), and abolition of prisons.

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