This is Unfiltered, Unbridled Propaganda

(h/t PZ Myers)

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This is Fox News, after all. Of course it’s courting this transparent propaganda. But here I am, actually shocked that this disgusting piece was aired. Here’s the full YouTube Video. I’m also going to include a transcript below the fold, with my responses (though starting of with PZ’s response to the beginning, because it was perfect).

President Trump has wrapped up his intense 9 day overseas international voyage that by all accounts was a home run. Our commander-in-chief, the pillar of strength and a true advocate for America. His message: clear and unequivocal. There was no apology, no wimpish behavior, and no bowing down to other leaders. But instead, strength, honor, and determination.

And here’s how PZ responded…

“By all accounts”? You mean like this one, Trump’s ally-angering trip abroad, explained in 7 images, or possibly this one, The Most Cringe-Worthy Moments From Trump’s First International Trip? Or possibly this account, The Ugly American’s road trip: Donald Trump and America’s declining culture. Or Trump’s behavior at NATO is a national embarrassment. Or The 8 Most Embarrassing Moments from Trump’s *ONE DAY* at NATO. Or Our Embarrassment in Chief’s International Trip Is No Laughing Matter.

But also… strength, honor, and determination? He got showed up and practically dominated by President Macron in a handshake. If anyone has shown strength, honor, and determination here, it’s President Macron.

Let’s continue with that piece of trash propaganda…

There was no effort to convey, or insinuate, that the American way of life is the one and only right way to live. President Trump boldly went where no other President has, managing to get 50 Muslim leaders in one room with an overarching plan to combat terrorism, cut their financing, and drive them out. A president, drawing a real line in the sand, and then focusing how even different countries and cultures can actually work together on a common goal, to defeat the extremist perversion of Islam. The one determined to kill the rest of us.

Wait a minute… Agent Orange is the first to do this?

I don’t think that’s true. Is that true?

I feel like she might be confusing Agent Orange with President Obama… somehow…

There’s no phony coalition with make-believe numbers.

I literally don’t know what she’s referring to, here.

Instead allies; especially those, because they are Muslim, who understand the lethality of Islamist ideology, who now believe in the power and the promise of our President’s words.


Agent Orange is quickly becoming a laughing stock across the world. He is not respected in any way, shape, or form… accept maybe by groups like ISIS, who love the recruitment opportunities he represents (not that previous presidents haven’t also provided said opportunities).

In fact, just yesterday, Egyptian President el Si-si called upon the United States to help Egypt crush the terrorists who intentionally targeted and massacred Coptic Christians on their way to church. Today another ally, Italy, begging for the United States to help deal with the expected migration of 200,000 from North Africa by boat before year’s end, many from Libya.

Obviously, both of those are just plain wrong.

First, when I googled for stories about Egypt asking for the US’s help to fight terrorism, the first thing I found was an article from May 2014… back when Barack Obama was still President. Of course, there was indeed a terrorist attack in Egypt on Coptic Christians only a few days ago, but I’ve not found any indication that President el Si-si  came to Agent Orange begging for help.

As for Italy… there was a meeting, that Agent Orange was proud enough of to tweet. However, as you may guess, there was no begging. Italy’s Prime Minister asked, of course, but Agent Orange said no.

Yes, our allies are convinced that America is back, with a president who actually means what he says, and says what he means.

She does realize that Agent Orange is one of the most dishonest presidents in US history… right?

But the president has one problem; one problem that he has to fix. In spite of these historic successes…

I’m sorry, I have to cut her off.

Historic successes?

That’s how I know that this is a pure propaganda piece. In fact, I’d argue that it’d make a certain Joseph Goebbel’s proud…

But anyways…

… like flying directly from Saudi Arabia to Israel…

And when he got there, he told them that he’d just come from “the Middle East” because, apparently, Israel’s not in the Middle East, as far as Agent Orange knows…

… and meeting with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, and then immediately meeting Palestinian president Abas, both of them saying they’re willing to work towards to pursuit of peace with eachother.

FYI, they’ve been saying that for years. They said that exact same thing to President Obama, and to President Bush. And then they set up cease-fires. But one country (hint: it’s the one that’s actually recognized as a country by the US) keeps criminally breaking those cease-fires because reasons. So no real success here, I’m afraid. Just the same old same old…

And our dearest ally Israel, now convinced we have her back.

I’m sorry, but when the hell have we ever not had Israel’s back?



The fact of the matter is that we’ve always had Israel’s back. This was true even under President Obama. Sure, he may have been a little more strict in his expectations for Israel’s part in this partnership, but we were still close allies.

As for whether or not we should have Israel’s back… well I can guarantee you that Fox Propaganda Machine thinks we should, but since they’re a Republican propaganda machine, not a news organization, of course they would.

Yet the president still has that one problem he needs to fix. And while the leaders of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism gave him receptions unlike anything we have seen in the last eight years…

You mean they made fun of and embarrassed him?

… it took an outsider…

Wow. After all this time, they’re still peddling that nonsense. I mean… sure.. it is technically true, for certain definitions of “true”, but the asshole filled his administration with actual insiders. He didn’t drain the swamp at all. He filled it up until it turned into a lake.

… to reset relations in the Middle East, and for the first time, there is actual hope that we, all of us who believe in God, are partners against a common evil, radical Islam, and a common foe, Iran. And instead of appeasing the enemy with apologies and money, our president stood shoulder to shoulder with leaders, many of whom could not be more fundamentally different.

I seriously do not know how to respond to this. Did Jeanine Pirro just wake up from a years-long coma back in February, or something? Does she have no concept of modern history at all? The amount of wrong in this short statement is actually terrifying. It’s beyond fractal… like… way beyond. I don’t even know what to do with this.

So let’s just move on…

But the president in coming home still has one huge problem. And it’s not Russia, it’s not the Democrats, it’s not any of his haters. And if he doesn’t fix this problem, we are in big trouble.



What is it?


The leaks.

Uh… I’m sorry… I just…

Tom Felton giggling (animated gif)

Tom Felton giggling (animated gif)

Somebody… does somebody in the White House have… um… uh… oh god…

Captain Picard being goofy

Captain Picard being goofy

It sounds like she’s saying that the problem with the White House is that somebody has a bladder problem…

Man can't stop laughing...

Man can’t stop laughing…

I’m sorry… I’m sorry… that was childish…

Let’s continue…

Yes, leaks!

I am not going to be able to stop laughing…

There is a leaker in the White House.

Steve Carrel laughing hysterically

Steve Carrel laughing hysterically

There is a traitor inside the people’s house…

Okay… it’s not so funny anymore…

A traitor who must be taken out.


Whoa whoa whoa whoa.


Did she just call for somebody’s death?

What in the actual hell is wrong with her?

That person is an enemy of the United States. That person, doing enormous damage, not just to the president, who is certainly capable of taking care of himself, but instead, to our nation. And the media, instead of focusing on children massacred from Manchester to Egypt, are in a breathless frenzy awaiting another late-day…

Pee? Please say pee…

… leak.

Close enough…

going from innuendo and non-story, and even publishing classified information. Some actually saying “where there’s smoke, there must be fire, isn’t there?”

Yup. That’s… that’s usually how that works…

To the point where even Watergate reporter Bob Woodward is telling them to chill the hell out.

That’s true for some strange reason

Quote: “we aren’t even close to Watergate”.

Except that’s not actually a quote from Bob Woodward, so… you know…

This leaker needs to be found immediately. No holds barred.

Should Agent Orange fight them in a cage match at Wrestlemania, then?

Now I have my own ideas who that person is, but I’m not ready to share them, yet.


Right now, tonight, spare no resources, spare no one. Find that person or persons; the traitors, the leakers… the ones who are destroying our nation.

And that’s my open.

That… was a terrifying, propagandic, fascist rant, designed to call for a witch hunt. And let’s be clear… that’s exactly what she’s calling for.

A witch hunt.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … phony coalition with make-believe numbers.

    I literally don’t know what she’s referring to, here.

    One or both Bushes’ anti-Iraq alliances, I betcha. The adjectives do fit.

  2. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    President Trump boldly went where no other President has, managing to get 50 Muslim leaders in one room with an overarching plan to combat terrorism, cut their financing, and drive them out.

    So, maybe I’m an idiot, but I’m looking for the noun referent for “their” in “their financing” and “them” in “drive them out”.

    I’m only finding one plural noun here. Hmmmm.

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