Why Fox News is a joke

It’s a whole collection of Baghdad Bobs. You have to see this ludicrous fascist propaganda from Jeanine Pirro to believe it.

Here are just her opening sentences.

President Trump has wrapped up his intense 9 day overseas international voyage that by all accounts was a home run. Our commander-in-chief, the pillar of strength and a true advocate for America. His message: clear and unequivocal. There was no apology, no wimpish behavior, and no bowing down to other leaders. But instead, strength, honor, and determination.

“By all accounts”? You mean like this one, Trump’s ally-angering trip abroad, explained in 7 images, or possibly this one, The Most Cringe-Worthy Moments From Trump’s First International Trip? Or possibly this account, The Ugly American’s road trip: Donald Trump and America’s declining culture. Or Trump’s behavior at NATO is a national embarrassment. Or The 8 Most Embarrassing Moments from Trump’s *ONE DAY* at NATO. Or Our Embarrassment in Chief’s International Trip Is No Laughing Matter.

Pirro is raving and completely disconnected from reality…how does she remain employed? Or rather, how come Donald Trump hasn’t snatched her away to be his new press secretary?

If you can bear to sit through the whole thing, at the end her big point is that Trump is perfect, and he has only one problem: leakers. The leakers in the White House are the true traitors who must be rooted out and punished. She looked like she wanted to pound the table, except that such vigorous action might make her face fall off and expose the hate machine behind it.


  1. blf says

    Donald Trump is the world’s worst tourist […]:

    Trump’s Big Foreign Trip has been hilarious. He has been the very picture of a bad tourist gone feral. He’s the worst person you’ve ever met abroad. Everything Trump has done since leaving the comfort of the US has been astonishing, almost as if the Russians have paid him to create a bonk-headed one-man library of gifs designed to denigrate all travelling Americans.

    With every breath of his trip, Trump has managed to carve out an image of a terrified old man several leagues out of his depth. He goes to Saudi Arabia, and ends up palming a glowing orb like a bewildered ITV daytime game show contestant. He goes to Italy, and ends up experiencing a papal visit so excruciating that it came off like the pilot of an unmade sitcom entitled The Pope and The Dope. He goes to Belgium, and barges Montenegro’s president out of the way so brazenly that the only logical explanation is that he somehow mistook the occasion for a beauty queen molestation contest with a prize of unlimited ketchup-drenched steaks. Best of all, whenever he attempts to lurch into any sort of publicly affectionate display with his own wife, she furiously bats his hands away as if they are made of bees. If you can magically bring yourself to forget that you’re watching the most powerful man in the world, it has been terrific.


    [… T]here is something especially bad about Trump. His casual readjustment after shoving that poor Montenegrin. His alligator-wrestle of a handshake. His obnoxious, unearned swagger. Donald Trump is the world’s worst tourist, and the fact that he happens to be American is colossally unfortunate.

    But one man does not represent an entire country, and we would do well to remember that, just as I’ll remember it on holiday whenever anyone tries to bring up Boris Johnson [UK’s foreign minister and another lout & habitual liar –blf].

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  2. Matt Cramp says

    Well, I mean from a certain point of view a lot of those are true. If you were intending to permanently damage America’s relationship with states you consider dangerously pleasant and cozy up to America’s least savoury allies, President Trump’s definitely hit a home run, which does after all involve three stops. He definitely advocated for America, we all got a pretty good look at what America is and we heard it loud and clear. There was no apology in his remarks, I’d characterise that handshake with Macron as more pathetic than wimpish, and he certainly didn’t do any kind of bowing or indeed anything that could be construed as courteous.

    There is absolutely no way that Trump demonstrated strength, honour or determination unless you redefine those words to mean things other than what they mean. The man couldn’t walk down a goddamn street under his own power. He got dominated by Macron over and over again – watch the video of him going out of his way to greet Chancellor Merkel and three other dignitaries first. And honour and Trump go together about as well as tasteful and Trump do.

  3. dhabecker says

    If it weren’t for Fox news, how would we ever know the truth? Gag, gag, hack, pteweee.
    And now our ‘leader’ is going to tell the world the fate of the Paris climate agreement. Really? Global warming will stop on his say-so?
    The best thing to come of his trip is Angela Merkel showing Trump how a world leader should act, by saying that Europe would forge its own path. She just gave Trump a diplomatic finger.

  4. says

    Leakers? What leakers? Didn’t a recent tRump tWeet say that all of that bad press was simply made up by the fake/failing media?

  5. says

    That is literal, actual fascist propaganda. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, what with this being Fox News, but jesus…

  6. robro says

    Her face can’t fall off. It’s frozen on with Botox, a popular look among TeeVee journalists of all stripes. It reduces wrinkles and inadvertent twitching when reading bollox.

  7. johnlee says

    This is eerily similar to how the KCNA, the North Korean government news agency, talks about Kim Jong Un. Is Ms Pirro worried that she might be purged?

  8. says

    Cross posted from the Political Madness All the Time thread.

    From Germany, more bad reviews of Trump’s words and actions:

    Germany’s foreign minister on Monday said that President Trump’s actions have weakened the West.

    “Anyone who accelerates climate change by weakening environmental protection, who sells more weapons in conflict zones and who does not want to politically resolve religious conflicts is putting peace in Europe at risk,” Sigmar Gabriel said […]

    “The short-sighted policies of the American government stand against the interests of the European Union. The West has become smaller, at least it has become weaker.”

    Gabriel also called on Europe to stand up to the Trump administration, arguing that the continent’s refugee crisis could escalate.

    “If the Europeans are not resolutely opposing this right now, the migration flow to Europe will continue to grow,” he said at a discussion on migration and refugees in Berlin. “Those who do not oppose this U.S. policy are guilty.” […]


  9. says

    Confirmation of more bad news coming soon:

    President Donald Trump has privately told “confidants” he intends to leave the Paris accord on climate change, “according to three sources with direct knowledge,” Axios reported Saturday.

    After persuading voters that America isn’t great anymore, Trump apparently intends to make sure of it — by having this country lead the effort to kill humanity’s last, best hope of avoiding catastrophic climate change.

    Quitting a unanimous agreement by 190+ nations after a two-decade negotiating process would make us a rogue nation, a global pariah, like Vladimir Putin’s Russia. And, it could make Putin happy […]

    While the White House’s attack on domestic climate action already undermines the global effort to avert climate catastrophe, we shouldn’t discount the importance of a U.S. withdrawal from Paris — especially if Trump teams with Russian President Vladimir Putin to undermine the whole global negotiating process.

    “Will Trump repay Putin by ending Russian sanctions and killing the Paris climate deal?” was a question I posed back in January, […]. Politically, Trump can’t end the sanctions now given the explosive news of recent weeks on the FBI investigation into collusion between his campaign in Russia.

    But Trump can pull out of Paris, an agreement Putin has never liked, because it means a large fraction of Russia’s fossil fuel reserves would remain in the ground, unable to provide vast revenue for him and the Kremlin. Unsurprisingly, Putin’s greenhouse gas target “is one of the weakest put forward by any government, anywhere,” as Climate Action Tracker explains. It “lies significantly above emissions that would result from current policies.”

    As of May 14, the U.N. reports Russia still hasn’t ratified the deal — and Russia has said it won’t until 2019 or 2020 at the earliest. If the president of the second-largest emitter exits Paris, then the fifth-largest emitter will have a great excuse to opt out, too. Together they could deal a fatal blow to the ongoing negotiating process. […]


    That’s right. On the issue of climate change and of the Paris agreement, Trump is in accord with Putin.

  10. rietpluim says

    You don’t want to know what foreign media are writing… United States, you just lost the very last little bit of credibility you had left. It will take decades to recover.

  11. What a Maroon, living up to the 'nym says


    It does sound better in the original German Russian!


  12. blf says

    “Europe no longer trusts Trump. Thank goodness they finally got it and woke up from their illusions”

    However, France24 is reporting (Trump irritates allies and returns to brewing crisis in US):

    But despite disagreements over many policy issues, leaders also warmed to the US president.

    “I saw someone who is willing to listen and who wants to work,’ said France’s Macron. “I think Donald Trump understood the importance of multilateral discussion and that, along with the pragmatism he demonstrated during his campaign, Trump will now take into account the interests of his friends and partners.”

    The Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, the G7 summit’s host agreed. “I found him very willing to engage, very curious, with an ability and desire to ask questions and to learn from all his partners,” he said.

    This is hair furor they are being quoted as talking about???!? I see no comprehension there at all. Both Macron and Gentiloni appear to be faux news commentators.

  13. says

    blf @16, my guess is that Macron and Gentiloni are trying to flatter Trump in order to soften him up for later manipulation, a technique that has been known to work.

    Macron and Gentiloni are probably counting on Trump (or his aides) reading and hearing their praise and then deciding that he likes them very much. That’s why they praised him publicly.

    And that’s probably why Merkel previously invited Ivanka to speak at forums where she was not qualified to speak — cosy up to Trump’s favorite daughter and win points. However, Merkel has too much integrity to maintain the semi-ruse. She spoke her mind after this visit.

  14. Ogvorbis: A bear of very little brains. says

    There was no apology, no wimpish behavior, and no bowing down to other leaders.

    So this never happened?

  15. numerobis says

    Ogvorbis: fake news! Also, a strong leader always bows down to accept medals from other leaders.

  16. Krasnaya Koshka says

    Uh, on Russian TV they are saying Trump embarrassed himself. Pretty heavy mocking of him on the national stations.

  17. congenital cynic says

    Wow! She’s so far off the deep end that a fish would drown at that depth. Living in opposite land. Stunning how impenetrable the bubble is.

  18. chrislawson says

    I really don’t understand the whole obsession with “leakers”. Presumably, if the Prez is doing a great job, the worst thing a leak could do is make an ongoing negotiation more awkward. If the leaking is a major problem, then it’s a pretty fair assumption that the Prez doesn’t want his actions to be publicly known.

  19. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Re “leakers”:
    The house in fire. We must find the a hole who leaked that news to the fire department. Who set the fire is not as important as finding the scoudrel who called the fire fighters.

  20. HappyNat says

    And my dad and his wife along with millions of older Americans lap it up and will mark it as truth against the liberal media. It’s strained my relationship so much we rarely talk anymore and we used to talk once a week. Last time we saw them my 9YO daughter asked what they thought of immigrants and it should be our obligation to take care of everyone we can. The table grew quiet while I looked at them, from the mouths of babes. They responded by talking about church where they are apparently taught Jesus hated the poor and brown people.

  21. Allison says

    Oh, so this is where our infamous county DA ended up? I remember Jeanine Pirro when she was this firy “law and order,” “lock ’em up and throw away the key” DA. I’ve read that she was running for New York State Attorney General, but her husbands tax evasion problems apparently scotched that. I also remember her being a judge at one point, which tells you all you need to know about the NYS judiciary.

  22. peptron says

    Please Europa! You can let the USA go, but not Canada! With the dominance of Canada in North America and Germany in Europe, we are closer than ever to reach our goal of making the “Currywurst Poutine” the official food of Planet Earth!

    It seems that Macron wants to make sure that France is a dominating power too and not let the Germans have all of it. He should remember though that in a Poutine, the fries are French. He also seems to enjoy his new found powers of counter-dominating Puppet-Master. Gentiloni seems to see advantages in it too. Sigmar Gabriel seems too clean to want to join them. It seems that Angela Merkel might upgrade from agression level “Ich bin enttäuscht…” to the as of yet unexplored “Ich bin… sehr… enttäuscht…” level.

    I think that when Trump said “Make America GREAT again”, he really was talking about the time when the USA were a non-descript piece of land with a few scattered settlers.

    On a more serious note, I don’t get it when people say “so and so who talk like facists only do it for effect!”. Why exactly would someone speak like that for effect? It’s like they cannot grasp that somebody can truely be a facist and act like that in all honesty. If it seemed that Fox News and the likes had facists tendencies, it’s because they HAD facist tendencies!

  23. says


    I think that when Trump said “Make America GREAT again”, he really was talking about the time when the USA were a non-descript piece of land with a few scattered settlers.

    Turtle Island was quite beautiful and very “descript” before all the colonists decided it was theirs. They can always leave, and Turtle Island would be beautiful and great again.

  24. peptron says

    @Caine 28:
    Well, by “USA” I really meant the political entity of the United States, and not really the “unwesternised” landmass of America.

    Now, if the Americans were required to leave America… THAT would be interresting times. What to do with people like me, where I think I’m about 1/8 Mi’kmaq; the rest being French and English.

  25. tororosoba says

    @peptron 27: You want to make sausage of the Russian leader?

    Back to the subject: All the Daily Shows, SNLs and other comedians can go home. PZ massively miscategorized this as Politics; I have never seen a better parody of a Trump-leaning newscaster. Can this be true? American way of life, cutting the funding of terrorists, in places like Egypt and Saudi-Arabia? Speechless.

  26. robro says

    I will say one thing about Trumpster’s performance before the NATO allies…the puppet master’s string work was superb. I can’t imagine anything that would make the Putineers happier than destabilizing the Western alliance.

  27. some bastard on the internet says

    Ya know, this article seems awful short considering it’s titled, “Why Fox News is a joke.”

  28. says


    We must find the a hole who leaked that news to the fire department.

    I once called the fire department about a fire in a neighbour’s garage. Later, I heard that he was raging about that “b**ch” who called it in; turned out he was running a chop shop from the garage.

  29. mnb0 says

    On the plus side no American president has done more to strengthen the German-French alliance than The Donald.

  30. peptron says

    @30 tororosoba:
    Are you serious with this… BLASPHEMY!? Don’t you know the national food of Canada, the Poutine?

    And by the way, you can Google it, the Currywurst Poutine is a real thing.

    @34 mnbo:
    Before the victory of Macron, I was ready to see the general collapse of the Franco sphere; at least, compared to the German side of it. For example, I really think that it’s due to its counter extreme-right nature that Germany got a boost of popularity lately. I get the feeling that French culture and the French language were more popular than their German counterpart up to the relatively recent past; but lately, I get the feeling that Germany and the german language overtook France and french by quite a lot.
    Now I no longer fear for the Franco-sphere. I feel that the Anglo-sphere will suffer a lot though.

  31. pita says

    You guys will never know how excited I was to learn that she’s not the judge on The People’s Court. I remember the judge on TPC being one of my first female crushes and I would have been destroyed to learn she was… like this. Thankfully the actual TPC judge doesn’t appear to be an asshole of any kind, god bless her.

  32. rietpluim says

    There was no apology, no wimpish behavior, and no bowing down to other leaders.
    Yep, Trump is the only leader we’re supposed to bow down to.

  33. quotetheunquote says

    Okay, I realize that this thread is dealing with topics of international importance and all that, but I’m afraid I just can’t get past “currywurst poutine” – my brain has frozen. (Though whether with horror or curiousity, I am not sure…)

  34. DLC says

    “There are no Americans anywhere in Iraq !” — Janine Pirro mentor Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf.
    “President Trump has SAVED US!” — Janine Pirro.