Welp… The Border Wall is Going Ahead…

From the Atlantic

Mick Mulvaney, the president’s budget director, said on Tuesday that the administration will replace segments of chain-link fencing with a 20-foot-tall steel fence along the southern border, despite Congress refusal to fund the president’s border wall in its spending bill.

Trump, for his part, has claimed that the administration is “beginning to build the wall,” which was a central plank of his presidential campaign, saying that “we’re putting up a lot of new wall in certain areas.” Mulvaney elaborated Tuesday that there is funding to “replace cyclone fencing with 20-foot high steel wall.” He declined repeated questions from White House reporters about where along the border the fencing would go, or how many miles it would cover.

This despite a complete lack of funding for it. Circus Peanut is really determined to build that wall. So determined that he’s gonna… what… pay for it out of pocket? Force us tax payers to pay for it directly? Threaten Mexico?


Where’s the money gonna come from?


  1. kestrel says

    Christ of the Andes. What a bunch of dipshits.

    Where the money comes from is not the only problem of course… what side of the river are they going to build this on? Notice how they never talk about that.

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