Goodbye Progress. It Was Nice Knowing You.

Neil Gorsuch is now on the Supreme Court.

By a 54–45 vote, the Senate confirmed Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court on Friday.

The vote effectively returns control of the judicial branch — and with it, the U.S. Constitution — to Republicans. Once Gorsuch is sworn in, Republicans will enjoy a 5–4 majority on the Supreme Court.

Lisa Simpson saying "well, I guess that's it." in defeat.

Lisa Simpson saying “well, I guess that’s it.” in defeat.



  1. Jessie Harban says

    In 2018 (or 2020 at the latest), the Democrats can retake control of the government, undo as much of Trump’s bullshit as possible, and boot Gorsuch from the court, in which case progress isn’t gone; it’s just suspended for the next few years.

    And if they’re unwilling and unable to do that (as all evidence suggests they are), then progress died ages ago and this is just a natural part of the decomposition of its remains.

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