Republicans Are Forcing Gorsuch Through…

From the Washington Post

Republicans on Thursday cleared the way for Judge Neil Gorsuch to be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, overcoming a historic Democratic blockade by changing the rules of the U.S. Senate — a move that highlighted the fierce partisanship that has seized Congress.

The long-anticipated rules change now means that all presidential nominees for executive branch positions and the federal courts need only a simple-majority vote to be confirmed by senators.

At this point, we can all expect to say Justice Neil Gorsuch.



  1. Jessie Harban says

    …at least until the Democrats change the rules to kick him back out again.

  2. Jessie Harban says

    @ #2: They won’t. They never do, and we never learn.

    After 8 years of Bush, we were willing to tolerate torture, concentration camps, a massive surveillance state, a drone war program, mass persecution of whistleblowers, at least two brand-new wars and the continuation of all old ones, and trillion-dollar handouts to the super-rich as long as they came from a Democrat who paid lip service to liberal values he actually opposed.

    I bet the Democrats are salivating as they imagine what we’ll let them get away with in exchange for not being Trump.

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