Government-Approved Transphobia (or… Things Keep Going Backwards)

Trump Drops Defense of Obama Guidelines on Transgender Students

The Trump administration has dropped the federal government’s challenge to a nationwide injunction issued last year that blocked the fulfillment of Obama administration guidelines stating that transgender students’ access to bathrooms and other gender-segregated school facilities was protected under existing federal civil rights law.

The injunction was issued in August by Judge Reed O’Connor of the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Texas as part of a lawsuit filed by more than a dozen states over the Obama administration’s position that Title IX, the federal law that bans sex discrimination in schools, protects transgender students.

Under that interpretation, transgender students have access to facilities like bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity, a proposition to which social conservatives strongly object. They argue that allowing transgender students to use those facilities poses a threat to the privacy and safety of other students.

No. The only threat posed is to transgender students, and they way to assuage that is to allow them to use the fucking bathrooms that correspond with their fucking gender identity. This isn’t hard…

The rolling back of rights fought hard for continues. It’s not hard to figure out who’s next. Cheeto Hitler and his Nazi Government* are going to take us back to the 1700s in terms of civil rights.

As usual, we have to fight this. We cannot allow the administration to get away with this. Call, write, email, and fax your senators and representatives. Protest. Sign petitions. Donate time and/or money. This is just going to get worse.

*Yes, I did actually write that. It isn’t a mistake. And you can keep your whining about hyperbole to yourself, thanks. Godwin can go fuck himself sideways into the ocean with a cactus.

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