Need Some Help Finding an Old YouTube Series/ARG Call PodcastEntry

Hello my less than ten loyal readers! How are you?

Any of you participate in and/or follow YouTube series/ARGs?

The creator of one I’m following right now, Andrew Muto (series is Night: Sleepwalking Journal), is looking for an old series that disappeared earlier this year called PodcastEntry. It was dispatches from a police officer keeping tabs on the weird stuff going down in the town he had recently been positioned in, and many watchers thought the weird things going on involved the Rake (content note: that link includes a fictional suicide note).

The YouTube channel no longer exists, and the creator/character had a Reddit account, but it no longer exists, either. Muto’s determined to find any information about the series, as he’s interested in getting in touch with the creator.

If anyone can think of anything that might help provide leads, that would be awesome.

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