Sunday funnies.


Top: photo of GOP activist Deanna Lorraine, with quote beneath "God Does Not Want Us Wearing Masks... If you have a mask on, it means you actually don't trust God. You don't have faith." Beneath, a cleseup photo of the face of Patrick Stewart/"Captain Picard" squinting with confusion, with overlaid large block letter text, "BUT YOU'RE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO NEED A RIFLE TO PICK UP GROCERIES"

Ya gotta laugh. Or, you know, cry. Either way, there is something very, very wrong and/or hilarious about the conservative mind.


Reddit post by u/henke: "Last week one of my art teachers suggested I 'dial down the feminism.' Today I showed him my newest piece: (image of a stainless steel panel labeled Dial Down the Feminism' with a single round tuning knob. To the left it reads 'COMPLICIT IN MY OWN DEHUMANIZATION' and to the right it reads "RAGING FEMINISM."


-Iris Vander Pluym, Art Critic.


Tweet by @amy_istrying: "I'm disgusted every time someone does a gender reveal and it's a gender I already know about, what kind of reveal is that"


EXACTLY, Amy. I’m pretty sure that people who do gender reveals are conservative, at least with respect to sex role stereotypes. And those kinds of ideas never seem to travel alone. In other words: eew!

I think if I’d ever had a kid, I might have done a gender reveal just to fuck with the conservatives in my family. I’d make a multi-layer red velvet cake, with each layer consisting of a few different colors of batter roughly swirled together, just like I did for my sister’s birthday that one time. (If I can find a pic I’ll post it later.)

When I’d cut into it, every slice would have a rainbow of colors in it, at which point I’d announce “It’s a gender! Or maybe agender! Who the fuck cares and what the fuck is wrong with you people?”

[CUE: music, disco lighting and ecologically-friendly rainbow confetti.


  1. Bruce says

    Each of these items is great, and would have been worthy of being its own post. I’m glad you’re doing well enough to put out so much great content. Thanks for providing all of us with your moral support.

  2. says

    Bruce, thank you for your kind words…except that I’m strictly in the business of providing immoral support. That’s okay tho, I’m sure it was just a typo. 😈

    chigau, oooooh! that’s soooooo prrreeeettttty! 💟

  3. mailliw says

    Thanks, all very funny – especially the dial down the feminism one!

    I have been puzzling my head over the election poster of the far right Afd (Alternativ für Deutschland): “Deutsch statt Gendern” – “German instead of genders”. My first thought was they are trying to destroy the German language: how can you have German without genders?

    I wonder how many AfD voters spoil their votes by putting the wrong kind of cross on their ballot paper?

  4. Ichthyic says

    …what comes after “raging feminist”? because whatever that is, that is where we all need to be right now.