Squirrel people collude to maim and kill Mississippi women.

Mississippi has been all up in the news lately, most notably for its attempt to wrest the championship title from North Carolina for Worst Asshole State:

Mississippi is making headlines today after Governor Phil Bryant signed House Bill 1523 into law, which allows private businesses to deny service to LGBT customers, and to anyone who has had sex out of wedlock. The bill states that it means to protect the “religious freedom” of Mississippians who believe marriage is solely defined as between a man and a woman, that sexual intercourse should only occur within the boundaries of that definition of marriage, and who don’t believe male or female genders can be changed.

Under House Bill 1523, any church, religious charity, or private business can decline to provide services to those whose lifestyles do not meet that criteria. As ThinkProgress reported, businesses can also fire employees whose lifestyles are in alleged violation of a business owner’s religious freedom…Perhaps the cruelest element of the new law states that a religious-based suicide hotline can refuse counseling to an LGBT caller.

These Christians sure seem super nice. After all, who would Jeezus shun? And how soon until we have a constitutional amendment guaranteeing USAmericans the right to SNIFF ALL THE PANTIES?

Anyway, it should hardly come as a surprise to students of the conservative menace that the Mississippi legislature also passed a bill this week outlawing a safe and effective abortion procedure (D&E), thereby effectively banning abortions after 14 weeks. It will also not come as a surprise that the state senate passed the bill 40-6. What may come as a surprise is that ten of those 40 doucheweasels are Democrats Squirrel People. And there are nine more of them in the House:

The house voted on final passage of the bill Tuesday with an 85-32 vote, approving the amended version passed by the state senate. Nine house Democrats joined with the Republican majority in voting for final passage.

On the bright side though, it’s very reassuring that the Mississippi government doesn’t have any serious problems to solve, so they have the spare time to sit around determining which particular tools and procedures doctors in the state are permitted to use when performing legal medical procedures upon penalty of felony charges, $10,000 fines and two years in jail.

Gov. Phil Bryant (R), who has said that it is his goal to “end abortion” in the state, has not yet said whether he will sign the D and E ban.

There is no way to “end abortion.” There is, however, a way to end safe and legal abortion—and the Squirrel People are on the job.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … its attempt to wrest the championship title from North Carolina for Worst Asshole State…

    NC never had a chance.

    Of course, as a MS native, I might be biased – but I’m not wrong!

  2. chigau (違う) says


    “squirrel people” figure in a couple of books by this guy


    In these books the “squirrel people” are made of a wide variety of road-killed small animals, combined with various tinned meats and animated by a buddhist nun.
    They house the transient souls of people who are in danger of being consumed by various underworld entities. e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Morr%C3%ADgan
    They (the squirrel people) dress very nicely because the buddhist nun is also an accomplished sempstress.
    Even though the squirrel people in Christopher’s books aren’t usually particularly evil,
    they are well-dressed meat puppets animated by lost souls so they might be the same people.

  3. says

    The Squirrel People are evil. We are told:

    1. They have to say they’re anti-choice during the campaign to be elected. After all, we know that the Tea Party jerk is anti-choice and going to do very bad things.
    2. Then they have to vote anti-choice to be re-elected, but trust us that this is not the most totally very bad thing that could have been done had a Tea Party jerk been elected.

    Please, Great Squirrel People Leader, tell us again why they are so much better than some random Tea Party jerk.

  4. says

    changerofbits: I have long argued, including here, that there should there be lines that Democrats simply cannot cross and still hold office with a “D” after their names, and abortion rights is one of them. Otherwise, what does a party designation even mean?

    It doesn’t even make tactical sense to run conservative Democrats. Particularly in the South, conservatives will invariably vote Republican, and everyone else will stay home rather than support some uninspiring Squirrel Person. But that’s who the party leaders insist on putting up for election nonetheless.