Let’s See What Sticks: Just throwing some random thoughts out there

Rather than multiple posts about multiple recent issues, I’m stirring them together to stir the pot.  No long diatribes here, just short snippets:

Re: the cowards of the country in Texas

Are there any examples of cops being “good guys with a gun”?  Because all I see are murderous thugs and cowards.  Just this week, five cops in Kansas City shot and Black woman in the back five times because she ran away from them.

She was pregnant.  She was not a suspect.  She was unarmed.  Why did they shoot her?  She is alive, but I have not heard whether she will have long term health issues or if the foetus is still viable.

“We were afraid of being shot!”  “We’re glad no police officers were hurt.”

THIS has been the response of the clowns in Uvalde?  Gutless guys with guns is more like it.

The media has been criticizing the incompetent and ineffective response of the cops in Texas, but this is not a “Uvalde only” problem.  ALL cops in the US are this cowardly: cowering and hiding in Parkland, Florida; cases of shooting and murdering unarmed people; attacking, beating, tasing the homeless and mentally ill; refusing to enforce Restraining Orders and allowing males to murder women; the 40%ers, beating their partners and children.  Pressure the media to report ALL the cases of cowardly cops using violence against those who are no threat, and running away from anyone who actually was a threat.

One of the incompetents in Uvalde is named Ruben Ruiz.  He was married to Eva Mireles, one of the two teachers who was murdered.  Ruiz sat outside for forty minutes while his wife died.  It makes you wonder if Ruiz is one of the 40%ers.

Also of note: The Taiwanese/Americans in California did not have guns, they charged the shooter in their church and disarmed him.  And the people who stopped the mass murderer in the attack on a New Zealand mosque were unarmed too.  It looks to me as if the good guys are the ones who care about and protect other people’s lives, even at the risk of their own.

Final thought: I was impressed by Beto O’Rourke challengine the republiclowns spewing fictions on that stage.  I have to wonder if the one calling O’Rourke a “sick son of a bitch” would be the type to shoot someone like O’Rourke without justification if there were no witnesses.

Re: Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard

I have had ZERO interest in this case and not paid attention to any sordid details.  I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.  They’re strangers to me, so I don’t care.

What I did notice was how this repeats the media’s misogyny by selective reporting.  Compare this to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, when he was stalking her, or other high profile cases of abuse involving celebrities, or even when they’re nobodies.  When males are reported or spoken of as the aggressors and abusers, excuses are made.  When women like Heard are accused of being the abusers, it sounds like the media is saying “they’re all like that!”

It’s the same thing we see with rape: when women report, they’re attacked, questioned, intimidated and accused of “false reporting” if there isn’t a guilty conviction.  Meanwhile the rare cases of false accusation (e.g. Brian Banks) are portrayed and spoken of as the majority of cases.  It even happens with car driving, whining about “women drivers” when in reality speeding and roadraging is overwhelmingly a male behaviour.  Which goes right back to the Texas mass murder and male violence, but now includes the bigoted and sexist legal system.


Re: the church shooting in California

The media has labelled the shooting a “hate crime”.  It’s not.  This was a political, terrorist attack, bordering on assassination.

“Panda” is a CCP euphemism for the ethnic Chinese diaspora around the world.  Just as all the black and white animals belong to China, the CCP also says the ethnic diaspora belongs to China.  The CCP (take note this is the party, not the Chinese people themselves) fosters this mentality to encourage espionage and other activities that benefit the PRC.  The murderer in California was from Taiwan, but he was part of pro-CCP, pro-reunification groups.  He is a “panda” who opposes Taiwan’s independence.

Re: republican indifference to the mass murder of children at public schools

I’m really starting to wonder if they want mass shootings and mass deaths to happen.  They are the ones trying to defund and close public schools, to privatize education.  Is letting kids die one way to justify doing that?


  1. Jazzlet says

    Very very small win in the UK for people who have been raped, previously the police have insisted on having complete access to everything on the person who has been raped’s phone, all part of the questioning the victim process. The courts have now said that this is illegal over reach. Victims have described the police investigations as “another rape” and this will go a little way to improving the process, not far enough of course, but for once in the UK we are moving in the right direction.

    We are still being absolute shits in other areas, but there is a huge push back against the exclusion of trans people from the Bill to make conversion therapy illegal. So far the big LGBTQ+ groups are standing united on this and not falling for the divide and rule tactic.