Hilarity Ensued: Facebook’s day off

I would imagine most reading FtB had a good laugh about facebook’s farce.

Computerphile’s Steve Bagley ably explains how and why facebook shot themselves in the foot.



What’s also amusing is how facebook addicts freak out about outages.  When it happened in 2019 for a similar length of time, some started calling the cops.  I remember news items saying this happened so often that cops warned people not to do it.  No doubt they put the warning on their facebook pages.

The outage happened just before midnight my time, so I shrugged, kept writing and watching youtube, then went to bed.  Few people I know would have been awake and affected by the shutdown.


  1. brucegee1962 says

    I read in an article that a lot of the Facebook users logged onto Twitter. Twitter sent out a message that read “Hello, literally everybody.” I’m not sure which option is worse — either the word “literally” is being abused once again, or else all of us who don’t use social media are literally nobody.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    I’ve been working on a rumor that Z’berg pulled the F’book plug himself, to slyly blackmail the world into realizing we can’t function without it.

    Okay if I use your blog for the global debut of this soon-to-be-viral skulduggery?