What Threatens: It may be worse than you think

The text below about recent and coming events is opinion only, and some might see it as extreme or outrageous.  Proceed at your own risk.


The coup d’etat on January 6th and danger of further violence in the next ten days is seen primarily as a battle of democracy versus fascism, and to a lesser extent secularism versus theocracy.  But there is a third threat, and I think it’s the biggest factor in not just who is organizing the descent into dictatorship, but who is supporting it.

This is a race war.

White people in the US will become the minority demographic by 2045, and probably sooner than that. And when that happens, they will no longer be able to make laws that benefit only themselves.  Racists would rather live under theocratic fascism than live in a society of equality and fairness, so they support the attempted coup.  They supported the first attempt, and they will support the second and more violent attempt in the coming days.



In 2019, Millennials outpopulated Baby Boomers for the first time.  By 2028 (if Biden and then Harris preside for eight years), the mass die-off of Boomers due to age will leave them the smallest remaining population, smaller even than Generation X. Their voting influence will disappear as non-white and more informed populations continue to grow.  And that is something that the shrinking racist white minority can’t abide.  Especially not the rich who know it will mean more taxes for them as the poorest vote in their own interests.

Look at thirty years of white christianist indoctrination in public schools (e.g. “abstinence only”, “triangle trade” and eliminating any mention of slavery).  The mob that attacked the capitol came primarily from states that “taught” such ignorance: Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Virginia, North and South Carolina, etc.    The US media still portrays white as the norm and ideal, sixty years into the civil rights movement.  Diversity in the media is a myth unless it’s a stereotype.

Look at the US’s farcical “justice system” over the last thirty years. “Tough on crime” was always aimed at and disproportionally used against Black people, only at “disposable” white people that most of white america found useful but wanted no part of (e.g. white supremacist gangs).  White society views the KKK and aryan nations the same was “mainstream” anti-abortion christians view terrorists who murder doctors and blow up women’s clinics: useful for scaring people, but “we don’t want them living next to us”.

Look at the denial of voting rights to people with criminal convictions (years, decades or lifetime), and the attempt to criminalize non-white populations.  In 2020, over five million US citizens remained disenfranchised, denied their right to vote.  This was organized voter suppression  before voter purges became a thing.  Look at the inequalities in prosecuting actual voter fraud by whites to no voter fraud by Black people.  In Canada and most democracies, people retain their right and ability to vote even while they are in prison.  Losing the right to vote happens primarily in repressive and less democratic countries.

Look at how most white americans avoid discussing the duplicity of cops violence and systematic racism, repeating myths and fictions that they know are complete and utter lies.  “Obey the cops and nothing will happen!” “He must have done something for the cop to shoot him!”  And they do it with a nudge and a wink, knowing they’re unlikely to be affected.

Look at the public non-response to public health, before and during COVID-19.  The US health industry is founded on racism at the corporate level and the individual level (i.e. racist “doctors” assuming all Black people don’t feel pain).  Anyone not white or Asian is more than twice as likely to die of COVID-19.  That’s intentional.

Look at the desperate attempts to control women’s bodies and deny legal abortion.  Fox Nuisance and others have long stoked fears of whites becoming a minority, and denying abortion was one way to increase white populations.  Given how other racist policies lead to the increase of deaths and imprisonment among Black, Latinx and other people (infants, children, adults), the racists negate anti-abortion population growth by banning abortion.



White racists in the US may view this as their last stand.  Elections couldn’t be rigged with economic inequality, couldn’t with criminalizing Black and Latinx people, couldn’t with voter purges and other unethical means.  The only way left to steal the election and for white people to continue to rule is by violent force, even if that means giving up democracy.  and I suspect there are many are willing to go along with that.

It didn’t have to be Cheetolini, it just happened to be him.  Any other extremist now or in four years would have done the same thing, whether Cruz, Kasich, Paul or any other.


  1. klatu says

    I don’t think this post is extreme or outrageous at all. You’ve just been paying attention.

    Anyone not white or Asian is more than twice as likely to die of COVID-19. That’s intentional.

    This. I had similar suspicions about the republicans intentionally letting the virus spread specifically because it would kill more poor (read: non-white) than affluent people. A quiet genocide of their political opposition? One they don’t even need to spend any money on? It doesn’t get better than that.
    Same reason Trump debated Biden not wearing a mask, knowing full well he himself was infected. I’d almost call it attempted murder.

    It didn’t have to be Cheetolini, it just happened to be him. Any other extremist now or in four years would have done the same thing, whether Cruz, Kasich, Paul or any other.

    That too. Add to that the fact that just about anyone in the republican ranks is a more competent politician than Trump and things are bound to get a whole lot worse before they get better (if we still have a planet to inhabit by then). If Trump had any smarts at all, his coup would have been a success (a limited success, no doubt. But still more than this abject failure). There won’t just be a next coup attempt, there will be many. Just probably not on the capitol. But locally across all states. Count on it.

    • says

      Two questions on my mind are:

      How many under 50 racists are there? They are the one most physically capable of violence.

      Will economic inequality be addressed not just for Black people and People of Colour, but also white people? Economics were a big reason for the KKK’s growth during the great depression, one of the many reasons I compare Cheetolini to DC Stephenson. Whites who sign on with racist groups “think” that oppressing non-whites will somehow improve their own situation. If this isn’t addressed, it will feed resentment and hate.

      Part of the problem is the US national mindset that “there MUST be winners AND losers, and we don’t want to be the losers!” The idea that everyone can benefit and succeed is as foreign to the US as socialism.