Defunded And Disarmed: Phoenix cops after threatening murder

Cops in Phoenix, Arizona have proven why cops should be defunded: One of them threatened to shoot and probably murder Kate Gallego, Phoenix’s mayor, after she called for defunding cops.

I doubt he is the only one making violent and racist threatsThese are cops we’re talking about.

Report: Phoenix police officer said, ‘If the mayor defunds the police, I’m going to shoot her’

On the afternoon of October 21, seven Phoenix police officers gathered for a briefing in a Cave Creek station when the meeting diverged into a discussion about the defund-the-police movement.

When Officer Steven Poulos expressed his thoughts, the room went quiet: “If the mayor defunds the police, I’m going to shoot her,” Poulos’ sergeant recalled hearing the officer say, referring to Mayor Kate Gallego.

The sergeant broke the silence, saying, “You’re not going to shoot the mayor.”

Poulos doubled down, “That’s a promise,” he responded.

[. . .]

After the meeting, the police report says, Poulos backtracked and told the sergeant his comments were a joke.

Imagine someone talked about “killing cops” and then said “it’s just a joke”.


  1. flexilis says

    In fact, Mr. Bright Boy Cop, the mayor had supported increased funding for the police, as mentioned in the linked article. If you’re going to lose your job and maybe be prosecuted for something, can’t you at least be accurate?