Mile High Club: EVA Air isn’t having a good month

For the second time in December, EVA Air is mired in scandal. Several male pilots and four women cabin crew members (all Taiwanese) have been fired, quit or under investigation after breaking quarantine as well as fraternizing outside the workplace. As of yet, none of the current or former staff members have tested positive.

EVA fires pilot for quarantine breach

EVA Airways Corp (長榮航空) on Monday dismissed a Taiwanese pilot for contravening quarantine regulations and posing a risk to his colleagues.

The pilot earlier this year reportedly asked his girlfriend to visit him while he was in quarantine and EVA on Monday launched an investigation.

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The pilot admitted contravening the regulations, so the company’s disciplinary committee terminated his contract, the airline said.

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The airline is also investigating another pilot and has fired four flight attendants for breaching regulations, while two other pilots resigned, it said.

I doubt they’re going to win another “skytrax 5 star” award after this one.

EVA Air fires another pilot for breaking COVID-19 control rules

Another EVA Airways pilot has been fired for violating the company’s COVID-19 health protocols following the dismissal last week of a New Zealand pilot, who was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, for the same reason, the airline said Tuesday.

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The company said in a statement Tuesday that it recently launched an investigation into whether any flight crew members have broken COVID-19 control rules and identified two pilots suspected of violating protocols, including one whose extramarital affairs were exposed by a tabloid weekly on Monday. . . .

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According to revelations in the tabloid, the Taiwanese pilot met women online, lied to them about his marital status and invited several to his residence when he was supposed to be in quarantine.

Other than the fireworks display outside Taipei 101, pretty much every New Year’s Eve party has been cancelled. It might be the quietest NYE in decades.

And unlike the US, people aren’t arguing.  I’ll be staying home.