Can Republiclowns Evolve? : And grow a spine?

The US continues to set record after record of new COVID-19 cases and deaths, and daily numbers could potentially double by January.  Now that the republiclowns (hereafter called “republicans”) have lost the presidency, will they jettison Cheetolini’s regime with an eye on saving their political futures?

Consider this scenario:

1. The republicans concede the white house, willingly removing Annoying Orange and Mike Hypersensitive “because they’re endangering the country”.

2. They agree to put Pelosi is put in charge until January.  Seriously.  It’s only two months.

3. The democrats get COVID-19 under control with science, lockdowns, sufficient money and medical equipment, thus reducing transmissions and deaths.

4. Republicans agree to a few months of stimulus cheques.

5. Republicans keep catapulting the propaganda (“democrats are violating your freedumb!”) during November and December national lockdowns that bring the disease under control.

6. The republicans try to take credit for the democrats’ actions (reduced deaths, stimulus money, etc.) during January’s run-off senate elections in hopes of keeping their thin majority.  And hope people have selective and short memories.

Currently 1% of people are infected in the US.  If infections hit 3-5% and deaths 500,000 to a million by the inauguration because of republican interference, they could suffer political fallout for years. Keeping the senate may be their only means of keeping control for the next decade.

President Tsai won a majority here in Taiwan back in January, but her government’s approval rating is ludicrously high, as are New Zealand and Mongolia’s governments based on recent elections results.  There is no “political opposition” in these countries right now.  The US republicans need to make sure they’re seen as “part of the solution”, not the ones who made the problem worse.

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As I noted in a comment elsewhere, four times in Russian history, invading armies were defeated by the natural phenomenon of brutal Russian winters as much as by the defending forces.  COVID-19 has turned out to be Cheetolini’s Russian winter.  And the inevitable Hitler parodies are already appearing on youtube.


  1. says

    Your very first item simply will not happen. Trump is President until 20th January 2021. If he resigned, Mike Pence would become President and appoint a new VP.

  2. jrkrideau says

    No political party would agree to that and certainly not the Us Republican Party which is really not even within a mile of sanity.