I Cried: Over a two minute stop motion Godzilla film

TOHO Co. Ltd. of Japan owns the character Godzilla, which first appeared in a 1954 film. It has appeared in 32 films over the decades.

I say It, because TOHO has always referred to Godzilla as It, never specifying a gender. Only films made in the US or translated for US audiences referred to Godzilla as “he”.

This past week, Cressa Beer released a stop motion film for June’s pride events. It’s only two minutes long and does not say a word, but it’s message of Transgender acceptance is wonderful. The film has TOHO’s approval, appearing on the official Godzilla twitter page.

Yes, I cried while watching this.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … the official Godzilla twitter page.

    Why had it never occurred to me that such a thing must exist? (Yeah, cute vid!)

  2. says

    I saw this a little while ago, it’s beautiful. There was a moment where I was going “please don’t be a dress, please don’t be a dress” because of what that sort of messaging entails, and then… no dress, TRANS PRIDE FLAG. Perfection.

  3. starskeptic says

    Godzilla. Sitting on a couch. wearing reading glasses. knitting….

  4. says

    Now I feel like maybe we’ve been unfair to giant thunder-lizards all along.

    Did you know that if you watch Godzilla backwards, it’s about a giant lizard that saves some people from a train that was falling, and repairs a city what was falling apart, then moonwalks back into the ocean?