Caught Out: If someone hears you, claim someone else said it

In June 2010, humanitarian ship the Rachel Corrie was bound for Gaza, Palestine, bringing medical and other supplies.  The Israeli Terrorist Force (ITF) confronted the Rachel Corrie’s crew on the radio.  The ITF falsely reported that the RC crew had said “go back to auschwitz”.  After the recording was professionally examined, the ITF and Israeli government admitted falsifying it and adding the words themselves.

I mention this because a similar story from New York has emerged today, with the lie going the other direction.  From TMZ:

NYPD Scanner: Calls for Violence Against Protesters … ‘Shoot Motherf*****s’ Heard, But Who Said It?

NYPD officers allegedly urged police to shoot and run over protesters — at least that’s what was heard over the citywide police scanner … but the question now is whether those words came from a cop or someone who stole a radio.

As protesters marched toward the 77th Precinct in Brooklyn, you could hear someone on the scanner calling in to describe the scene before another voice urges cops to, “Shoot those motherf*****s.”

Later in the evening, the scanner picked up what sounded like officers saying they were surrounded by protesters near the intersection of Albany and Dean Streets in Crown Heights. A voice on the scanner responds, “Run them over.”

Obviously, the scanner broadcasts are beyond alarming IF they really came from police officers. NYPD tells us … they’re aware of the comments and are looking into it.

TMZ independently found the radio transmissions on a website that records police scanners — so the audio is legit. However, law enforcement sources tell us … during this latest wave of civil unrest, police radios have gone missing, and there is a possibility the transmissions on the scanner did not originate from police.

Cops no longer deserve the benefit of doubt nor the presumption of innocence.  When they claim, “the radios were stolen from police cars,” it’s safe to assume they are lying and those words were spoken by cops.

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I’ll correct this on the weekend when I have time. I hate my memory issues.

It should also be noted that the same night June 2010 that Israel made the false accusation, ITF pirates boarded the Rachel Corrie and murdered nine crew members in cold blood, executing them with bullets fired at point blank range. No Israelis were ever brought to trial for the murder of unarmed sailors in Palestinian waters.

How many protesters in the US this week have been murdered in a similar fashion, unarmed and murdered with a shot from point blank?