Wait And See: I’m not getting my hopes up yet

Back in late February, a Taiwanese biomedical company Adimmune Corporation announced plans to run animal trials of a vaccine for COVID-19.  From the Taipei Times, February 22:

Adimmune eyes COVID-19 drug

Adimmune Corp (國光生技) on Thursday said it is developing a COVID-19 vaccine in cooperation with the National Health Research Institutes, and plans to run animal tests in the second quarter if its research proceeds smoothly.

Adimmune announced today that the first animal trials were successful.  I would prefer not to quote “taiwan news” (fourth rate journalism, at best) but it’s the only source at the moment:

Taiwan’s coronavirus vaccine proven effective on animal subjects

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese vaccine manufacturer Adimmune Corporation (國光生技) announced Monday (May 4) that one of the company’s candidate vaccines for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been proven effective in animal trials.

According to Adimmune, the animal testing was orchestrated by Chang Sui-Yuan (張淑媛), a professor at the National Taiwan University (NTU) Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical Biotechnology. The company said Chang and her team have applied the vaccine to coronavirus-infected laboratory mice and found that the mice have developed neutralizing antibody titration of the deadly virus.

It’s not proven to work, just a possibility at this point.  But it would be great to see Beijing take another poke in the eye, (Xi) Limping from one PR disaster to another: useless masks, tainted test kits, venitlators that don’t work, fake statistics, etc.  The only thing Beijing has exported since New Year’s that works is COVID-19.