True Love Exists: Utah man found dead in a freezer for ten years

As seen on “News Of The Weird”:

Jeanne Souron-Mathers died in November 2019 of natural causes in her apartment, found after a welfare check.  In the apartment, inside a freezer, the ten year old body of her husband Paul Edward Mathers was also found along with a notarized and signed letter saying that he had agreed to this.

Utah man found in freezer left notarized letter absolving wife in death, police say

A Utah man whose body was found in a freezer following his wife’s death last month may have written a letter — and had it notarized — absolving his wife of blame in his death more than a decade ago, authorities said.

The body of Paul Edward Mathers was found hidden in his wife’s freezer Nov. 22 when a maintenance man in Jeanne Souron-Mathers’s Tooele retirement community became concerned after not seeing her for two weeks. Police officers who responded for a welfare check found Souron-Mathers, 75, dead of natural causes.

They found Mathers during a routine search of the apartment. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Mathers, who was 58 when he was last seen in 2009, was identified through fingerprints.

Sgt. Jeremy Hansen of the Tooele Police Department told Fox13 in Salt Lake City that investigators who found Mathers in the freezer also found a letter stating his wife did not kill him.

“It was notarized on Dec. 2, 2008,” Hansen told the news station. “We believe he had a terminal illness.”

By hiding Mr. Mathers body, Mrs. Mathers continued to receive pension and veterans affairs benefits.  She would likely have been left homeless and without income at age 65 in modern day murrica.  Cue the US government’s attempts to “recover” the US$157,000 plus interest from surviving relatives.


  1. Ridana says

    I’m wondering about the notary involved in this. Do they never read the documents they notarize and just witness the signature? Can you get a blank piece of paper notarized?

    • says

      Maybe a rare person with decency? Someone thought it was a prank? Or the NP didn’t realize it would involve hiding a dead body. There’s a myriad of possibilities.