Fascistbook Sucks: Another day, another reason to hate it

A short rant that some may interpret as a whine:

I’d quit fascistbook if it weren’t for the fact that nearly all my friends used it and it’s one of the easiest ways to contact other people (i.e. nobody has geocities pages and email addresses anymore).  No, don’t “suggest” alternatives”.

For the third time, I have been locked out of my account and “warned” for “violating community standards”.  My first two violations were for saying “white trash” and for saying “white men”, which fascistbook deems “protected groups”.  How long before I’m in fascistbook jail or permanently locked out?

My third “warning” came tonight.  I linked to a video (filmed in sprint 2019) showing the Israeli Terrorist Force throwing tear gas grenades into a tent where Palestinians were praying.  Apparently, factually depicting the Israeli military’s actions isn’t allowed.  Or maybe it was because I said,

Remember, folks: reporting the Israeli Terrorist Force’s actions is “anti-semitism”.

The really galling part: The link I posted was not the youtube linked below.  It was this video on fascistbook’s own site.  The video was posted without consequences, and a friend of mine who linked to the video had no problems either.


  1. blf says

    You are using Farcebork. That is utterly stoopid and indefensible. Being banned from that Putin Platform is a badge of honour, albeit a cheap one — rational / compassionate humans are banned are a matter of course. Farcebork’s main purpose is to suck up and distribute (for money but otherwise indiscriminately) anything they can pretend to “deduce” about you. Fracebork is one of the largest scams on the planet, pushing demonstrably false ads, with Mark Zuckerberg secretly meeting with the current Wacko House occupant (Surprised about Mark Zuckerberg’s secret meeting with Trump? Don’t be).