The Depths Of Stupidity, Plumbed Again….

Today, in one of my left handers groups on facebook, someone mentioned a group named “Single Christian Mothers Against Left-Handed Deviants“.

At first, I thought the poster was joking about that page’s existence.  Having seen it, I thought the page and the group were a poe.  I’m still not entirely sure if it’s a joke or serious, there’s no “Betty Bowers” style humour.  I’m leaning toward parody because the group page‘s admin hasn’t deleted or banned people who joined the group and then disagreed.

Thankfully the group has only 60 members, so if it’s serious, they’re insignificant.

Some selected ignorance from the pages:

You left handed bastards are all the same: perverts, murderers, creative types… you’re disgusting.

Look I’m just gonna come right out and say it: LEFT HANDED PEOPLE ARE THIEVES.

People always ask me, “If you’re such a good Christian mother, why are you single?” BECAUSE MY HUBSBAND LEFT ME FOR A LEFT HANDED DEVIL WOMAN THATS WHY.

When you use your left hand, what your really doing is shaking hands with Satan and telling him how cool you think he is.

FUN FACT: Left-handed people caused every major war in history. And actually, that fact isn’t very fun now that I think about it.

Ten years ago, ridiculous stuff like this would obviously be parody.  Now I’m not so sure.



  1. says

    perverts, murderers, creative types…

    That’s an odd list. Since when was “creative” a bad thing?
    Does the person who wrote this even understand that their computer that they used to write this crap was invented by a “creative type”?