Copying Again: Jeffrey Epstein is the american Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile was the worst pedophile in British history.  He was not just a sexual predator and a sadist, he was a procurer, the organizer of pedophilia, providing access to children for other pedophiles.  And because of his “charity work”, high profile and connections to politicians and the “royal family”, he was protected by the media and the government, committing serial rape of children for almost 60 years.

Jeffrey Epstein oozed from the same mould, slime that orchestrated and participated in the organized serial rape of teenage girls.  Like Savile, Epstein was a procurer, the organizer of rape, providing access to children for others like himself.  And also like Savile, Epstein’s circle of friends (and often participants in crimes) protected him, enabled him to continue: politicians, business owners, scientists, and many others.

Below the fold are two documentaries on Savile.  Will one ever be made on Epstein that isn’t propaganda and whitewashing?

Today,  John Lydon’s (Johnny Rotten) image is a farce, a self-serving hypocrite.  But in 1979, he was banned from the BBC for daring to hint at the truth about Savile.

This is the updated version of ITV’s “Exposure” broadcast in 2011:

This is another documentary, “Crimes That Shook Britain”:


  1. says

    I wonder if we’ll ever see a closer American equivalent of Savile, a well known media figure massively involved in child exploitation. Some might point to Michael Jackson, but Jackson didn’t have the sheer reach Savile did.

  2. Curt Sampson says

    Yeah, I’d like to see some of the evidence indicating that Lydon is a “hypocrite” or any more “self-serving” than any other rock star. I don’t see it myself, either.

    His (geneally left-leaning) political views may be somewhat here-and-there and not always terribly well thought out, but
    they don’t seem any more inconsistent than most people’s. (He’s made it quite clear that his lyrics are “just lyrics” and should not be taken as serious political statement. His “I am an anarchist” line in “Anarchy in the U.K.” was just the best rhyme he could devise for the previous line.)

    I see, especially in his work in P.I.L., lots of commentary on farce, and perhaps even farcical commentary, but I don’t see anything that makes him “a farce” himself.

  3. Curt Sampson says

    I was aware that he supported the result of the Brexit vote, seeing it as an expression of the will of the working class. In fact, that was precisely one of the things I was thinking of when I mentioned that “His…views [are] not always terribly well thought out.”

    Some of his liking for Trump no doubt comes from a similar source: the idea that the working class voted for him. And a bunch of it is just his nihilism and love of anarchy (in the sense of “a mess,” rather than the the sense of Bakunin):

    No matter what madness I’m hearing from the podium, he’s thrilling. I’m not for the tomfoolery of believing that a self-interested businessman can solve America’s problems — I don’t see a great sense of empathy or generosity in him — but I’m up for anyone shaking up the jaded world of politicians.

    “Surprisingly Upbeat About…Chinese Censors” is a rather inaccurate summary of an anecdote that the Chinese government didn’t happen to censor or flag any of his lyrics, and that even he was wondering if that was a sign of translation problems.

    The racism I can see from your sources surprised me a bit, but actually ought not have: punk was pretty damn white as we all know. So I will give you that, but point out that both racism and even more so sexism are a pervasive problem throughout the left, as well as the right, in people of that generation.

    So while he’s certainly far from “woke,” I don’t see any evidence that he’s a right-winger. I can’t see him voting for Farage over Labour because the overall platform would just be utterly wrong for him, despite agreement on a few individual issues.

    It mostly comes down to “not well thought out,” just like so many working-class voters who vote Tory or Republican even when, given analysis, it’s clearly against their own interests. They get sucked in by the marketing.