Dead But Not Buried: Esptein’s suicide must NOT be used to protect others

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Jeffrey Epstein is dead.  Despite attempting suicide six days previously, he was take off suicide watch and put in a regular cell, not a suicide-proof cell.  Prisoners on suicide watch as supposed to be monitored until a psychological evalution is done.  That never happened.

This doesn’t happen by accident.  No, it doesn’t require a “conspiracy theory”, it only requires ineptitude, corruption and arrogance – the same sort that allowed for the abuses and murders of other people in New York jails.  And if there was any hypothetical outside interference, it wouldn’t require assassination or massive conspiracy.  It would only require one person telling the warden to move Epstein to a cell where he could kill himself.

Epstein escaped consequences at his first trial in large part due to his circle of friends, many of whom are alleged to be participants in his sex crimes against girls and women.  The list runs the gamut of the wealthy, powerful, and influential: business owners, politicians, lawyers, many different scientists, alleged intellectuals, and (not the least bit surprising) a member of the UK’s royal family, a group of criminals with connections to Jimmy Savile and his crimes (more about that in a later post).

With Epstein dead and a Department of inJustice under Cheetolini, there is the potential for abuse.  We might see either partisan prosecution (the republicans demanding that only democrats are targeted) or the investigation buried along with Epstein to prevent and protect any of Epstein’s friends from facing prosecution, just as they did for him in 2008.  There are many who want this to go away, for Epstein’s victims to be silenced and no case ever brought to trial.

This is a partial list of those who have been accused of participation in Epstein’s sex crimes or continued to defend him after his first conviction:

  • Marvin Minsky, AI pioneer, named by one of Epsteins’s victims as a participant in organized rape.
  • Lawrence Krauss, who left Arizona State University in disgrace after many sexual harassment accusations.
  • Alan Dershowitz defended Epstein during the 2015 trial.
  • Prince Andrew, member of the British “royal family”.
  • George Church, geneticist.
  • Murray Gellman, physicist, who refuses to return Epstein’s donations to Harvard.
  • Steven Pinker, psychologist.
  • Martin Nowak, mathematician.
  • Roger Schank, computer scientist.
  • Larry Summers, economist and sexist.
  • Leslie Wexner, victoria’s secret CEO.
  • Glenn Dubin, billionaire investor
  • An unnamed foreign prince
  • An unnamed foreign president
  • An unnamed foreign prime minister
  • An unnamed French hotelier

If any of these are incorrect, or there are other names involved, let me know and I will amend it.  These names are culled from the news items and sources linked above.