In Short, Supply: Who sells products for left handed people?

Buying products for left handed people is difficult in a world of right handed privilege. There are fewer disabled people than left handed people, yet only the disabled are catered to by manufacturers. It makes you wonder why.

Below is a compiled list of online stores and vendors which sell left handed products for children and adults. There may be others but I cannot verify if they do or the businesses do not sell online or overseas. I have been told Staples sells left handed notebooks. I also do not buy from Amazon, though their website does list some left handed items. (Amazon refuses to ship to Taiwan by postal mail, I am NOT willing to pay upwards of US$100 for shipping.)

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these companies, do not receive any financial or other benefit for mentioning them.)

Left Handed Specialty Stores

These online stores sell a wide variety of products for left handed people, both for the home, office and school. Not all carry every product.

My left handed kitchen knives have the bevel on the proper side and are a pleasure to work with. I also love watching the faces of guests when I ask them to open a can, them unable to figure out a left handed can opener.

  • educational materials (e.g. books on handwriting)
  • stationery (pens, rulers, folders, geometry sets, etc.)
  • housewares (knives, can openers, gardening tools)
  • watches (the dial on the left of the face)
  • musical instruments and supplies
  • novelty items (e.g. mugs that face a left handed user)
  • entertainments (playing cards for the left hand)

Anything Left Handed, UK

Left Handed Convenience Malaysia

Left Handed New Zealand

Left Shop Online, UK

Lefty’s Australia

Lefty’s Left Handed

Stationery only, various items:

Maped, UK


These companies sell books with the spine to the RIGHT of the cover, not the left. The left hand can rest comfortably on the table, as right handers do with most notebooks.

Imborrable, Spain  Imborrable also sells brush pens, suitable for left handed use.

RS Paper Products

Rainbow Resource (Yes, it’s a “homeschool” company and run by fundy christians. I include it because there are few sources for left handed materials.)


These sites sell many types of pens for left handed use, such fountain pens, space pens and yoro pens, the latter designed specifically for left handed writers. (I have included only sites selling affordable pens. Many fountain pens run into hundreds of dollars.)


Jet Pens


Pen Chalet

Pen Heaven, UK

Tools To Live By, Taiwan

TTS Group, UK

Printable resources for sale and download:

Left Handed Letter formation guide for left handed children  These can be purchased for £3.95.

This Reading Mama: Left-Handed Handwriting Pages  There is a trial (free) and full version (US$5) of printable pages for teaching left handed handwriting.

ABC Teach: Left-Handed Friendly Handwriting Practice Printables Worksheets  While these worksheets are free, they require site membership to download.

Anything Left Handed (see above) also sells a printable guide for left handed handwriting.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    Happy Left Handers Day!
    Thank you for all these posts, I’ve learned a lot.
    I am right-handed but I prefer left-handed can openers because I can use my strong hand for the gripping and my weak hand to turn the crank.
    but I usually have a right-handed one because … you know.
    Back when computer mouses were first invented, I put the mouse to the left of the keyboard so I could have the space to the right for my dominant hand to make notes and pick up the coffee cup.
    It was a bit funny to watch other right-handers try to use my computer.

  2. Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach says

    I actually prefer to use the mouse with my right, that way I can take notes with my left at the same time. It does mean that I pretty much had to give up on wearing a watch ever, it didn’t work on either wrist.

    Thanks for the list, I’m gonna get me some lefty stuff!