Ballots Cast: Republican voting fraud (a redundancy)

A woman in New York has been receiving absentee ballots for five years.  For her dead father.  The story is only now making the news because she brought it to their attention.

Queens Woman Receives Deceased Father’s Absentee Ballot

This election cycle is dredging up the pain of the past for one Queens woman.

Michelle Dimino’s father, Anthony Baldomir, passed away in October 2012. Since then, she’s been receiving his absentee ballots for the primaries and general elections.

Dimino has made several calls to the board of elections, even sending her father’s death certificate on more than one occasion, but said he is still on the registration list.

Just imagine if she were unethical and decided to mail in the ballot, which would be illegal.  Oh, wait, that’s already happened (a news story from 2012 shown below).

Republican Candidate Quits Amid Voter Fraud Allegations

After months of unproven allegations that widespread fraud is endangering our electoral system, Republicans can finally cite a clear and true case of voter fraud (although it is wholly irrelevant to their campaign for strict voter ID laws).

Unfortunately for the GOP, this outrageous incident directly implicates a Republican candidate for office — and it has now forced him out of the race.

John Enright, a Republican running for Supervisor of Pinal County, Arizona, ended his campaign on Thursday morning after allegations that his former companion — who has been deceased for five years — has been voting by absentee ballot since her death.

Every news item I have seen on actual voting fraud in the US has involved republicans and absentee ballots.  As it turns out, voting in person tends to favour democrats, while absentee voting favours republicans.  Small wonder the republicans don’t want to address the only form of voting fraud that has actually happened.  They want to stop poor people and non-white people from voting, but not absentee ballot fraud.  From Slate, Sept. 2016:

Voter Fraud Exists. Republican Restrictions Won’t Stop It.

The Washington Post and News21 published a thorough analysis on Thursday of alleged voter fraud cases over the past four years in Arizona, Ohio, Georgia, Texas, and Kansas—five states where Republican politicians have argued that voting restrictions are necessary to prevent fraud. Predictably, the study confirmed the academic consensus that in-person voter fraud is simply not a problem: In none of these states over the past four years has a single person been caught impersonating another voter in order to cast an illegitimate ballot.


  1. Great American Satan says

    Huh. I though absentee voting improved turnout, and turnout favored Dems. Wrong on that, tho my household did turn in one mailed ballot per person, all Demmy.