Women are not props for your “pranks”, they’re people

There are few YouTube “celebs” I follow. One I greatly support is Laci Green. Please watch this important clip of her response to a rather awful-sounding creep & his ilk, who touch and sexually interact with women without their consent.

Women are not props, they’re people. Their bodies are not there to be fondled without their consent; their mouths are not to there to be invaded by your tongues.

This is not funny, it’s disturbing. Creeps need to be shunned, not given a platform at applauded. I’m glad corporations are taking actions against this particular Sam Pepper guy – but given the ubiquity of the mindset that allowed him to do it in the first place, seeing how many copy-cats he has and how many fans laugh in support, we all need to continue our outspoken opposition to mistreatment of women.


  1. Phillip Hallam-Baker says

    What becomes clear watching old episodes of candid camera is that most if not every one of their pranks were staged. And with good reason because the pranks would have led to huge lawsuits even in those days.

    So there are two problems with what Pepper is doing. The first is that he thinks it is legal to perform pranks on people at all. The second is that his pranks consist of non consensual sexual assaults.

    A third problem is that cheap cameras plus YouTube allow anyone to go out and make covert videos which are frequently edited in malicious ways.