Women don’t know how language works, the poor things: No means yes

Amazon was hosting a Kindle book called “LMR Exposed: How To Overcome Her Last Minute Resistance To Sex, Turn ‘No’ Into ‘Yes’ And Get the Lay!” It was pretty bizarre and rather horrid. I read as much as I could while it was hosted and have read the author’s “articles” before.

The Huffington Post quotes it:

“I’ve had situations where a girl is lying naked with me on my bed, still loudly proclaiming that we’re not having sex… Other times, I just forcefully removed the hand, stuck my dick inside, and she welcomed it eagerly once I was in.”

Charming no? Go rape! (LMR means “last minute resistance”. So, yes, there’s that.)

The International Business Times notes:

The book, which was available on Kindle, gives tips on how to convince women that resistance [is] “ridiculous” along with a “sneaky psychological technique that busts through LMR without her even knowing”.

Anyway, I wrote an Amazon review that went live – even though the book itself is removed. I mostly had fun writing my review, in an attempt at satire, since I was afraid of tackling it too seriously – which I’m sure others will and have done, better than I could.

The author found out about the initial 1-star reviews, and promptly responded in the obviously mature way that warrants taking him seriously as an adult. (If you can’t read the following image, please click here)

(Source: Huffington Post)

Allow me to fisk.

“A few individuals with nothing better to do have gone to my Amazon.com book page and left my latest book several 1-star reviews.”

Many of us spend our time doing many things at the same time; one of the things that matters is combatting bigotry and mistreatment of women, and underlying beliefs. Beliefs which, when truly believed and acted upon, significantly harm innocent people. That’s not a waste of a time – it’s a moral duty.

However, that’s done to a matter of degree and anchored by degrees of morality. I personally would’ve kept your book up – so that it could be critiqued and shown to be silly (and promoting harmful behavior).

But anyway, what do you care, right? It’s just one star reviews.

“Naturally, not a single one of these cuckoo social justice warriors have purchased the book or read it.”

Many of us have read you and read significant portions; besides which, if we’re wrong, just tell us why. Your book isn’t some philosophical thesis or scientific treatise – it’s a summary of pro-rape behavior. I doubt my perspective would be changed because I read through to the index. You have one, right?

“Your pathetic mob efforts have had absolutely zero impact on my business. Further, several hot girls have privately reached out to me in commiseration over the response to this article.”

Interestingly, this isn’t about you but about the beliefs you are espousing. But, sure, go ahead and view this as some personal attack on “your business”. And of course, I keep forgetting the measure of morality is how many hot girls reach out “in commiseration”.

“Finally, it is a very beautiful, sunny Friday afternoon here in Bangkok, Thailand. Tonight I will go out and celebrate life and most likely fornicate with a gorgeous young girl. Perhaps several.”

Good for you, but I think we know it probably won’t be consensual fornication. So to that extent, I’m quite worried. Not that you care about that silly liberal feminazi dogma called “consent”, eh? That’s not for “real” men, amirate?”

“I will have spent exactly zero seconds of my life thinking about you”

Er. Then why write this comment? You clearly did. Perhaps we should teach you about how time and numbers work?

“while you foam at the mouth for days straight from behind your computer screen thinking about me.”

My mouth is quite dry but I’m touched you care. And, again, this isn’t particularly about you but what you are espousing – and those views are tackled, in various ways, by many people.

“I (we) win.”

Yes, you do. Look at that empty Amazon page! Wow. Such space.

Um, but sorry – what do you win, exactly?



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  1. Darkling says

    Tonight I will go out and celebrate life and most likely fornicate with a gorgeous young girl.


  2. Schlumbumbi says

    Let’s be honest for 1 moment – you’re just badmouthing him because you’re jealous.

    (TM – I’m allowing this comment because it’s amazing.)

  3. Diana Tortolini says

    I’m sick of PUA types and their constant dehumanization of women. “How to get laid” ignores I’m a person and focuses entirely on my vagina. PUAs whether they’re actually successful in bed with the frequency and skill they claim to be — and I bet 100% of them are massive liars — promote psychological and physical violence against women. Rape is not seduction. *These* are the people the NSA should be surveilling.

  4. Copyleft says

    No book should ever be banned from Amazon, no matter what complaints are made or how offensive the message might be.

  5. says

    Let’s be honest for 1 moment – you’re just badmouthing him because you’re jealous.

    Because clearly that’s the only possible reason to badmouth someone who advances gems of clear thought like “If she says no, say fuck it and rape her” as sex advice. No chance at all that some people think that other people actually matter, and should be treated as such.

    Anyone living in Bangkok could do the same thing he does. Now granted it almost certainly won’t be consensual (keep in mind that Thailand is arguably the sex slavery capital of the world, and if not, still indisputably in the top five), but that’s rarely an issue to men like him.

  6. Illuminata, Genie in the Beer Bottle says

    Amazon can do whatever they like, despite the ‘who gives a shit who this hurts’ crowd. It should have been pulled and it was, because Amazon isn’t stupid.

  7. says

    No book should ever be banned from Amazon, no matter what complaints are made or how offensive the message might be.

    No books are banned from Amazon.
    What happens is that the huge multinational multibillion dollar for-profit corporation decides which items it wants to sell and which it doesn’t based on various factors.

    If you think all books are available on Amazon unless outsiders meddle, I can put you in touch with a million or so small and/or self-published authors who”l be thrilled to hear it.

  8. says

    Copyleft #5:

    No book should ever be banned from Amazon, no matter what complaints are made or how offensive the message might be.

    No. You have the right to write whatever you want, but other people have the right to look at it and decide whether it’s worth the time and resources to mass-produce for you. Amazon has assessed the situation and decided that this book is not worth their time and resources, probably because they would rather not risk half their customer base over a single book — one that isn’t even close to a best-seller, at that. Mr. Vinturi will simply have to find someone who thinks that publishing his book is worth their time and resources, or just find a way to self-publish, if he wants his book published that badly.

    PROTIP: not explicitly using the word “censorship” doesn’t stop you from crying censorship.

  9. shari says

    gorgeous review. Best I’ve read all week! Thanks for the posting, and thanks to Stephanie Zvan for linking me here. Grinning. all. Day!


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