Human Rights Watch video on homophobic attacks in Russia

Good luck watching this.

Thugs. Terrified thugs launching fists at the harmless, at the innocent.

Gay rights isn’t just a gay problem, just like sexism isn’t just a woman’s issue, or racism isn’t just a non-white issue (all of this assumes sexism, racism, etc., only directly negatively affects one group, too).

Nobody is unaffected by these things: We just think we aren’t. Being straight I am affected by not being oppressed about my sexuality. But the point is, no one group alone should benefit from a lack of oppression – everyone should.

I have no idea what to do about that. I don’t know how to combat sexism or homophobia or any kind of bigotry. I’m not well-versed in the politics, in the psychology. I don’t know why it happens, how long it’s been happening. I don’t know where it began, where it exists, where it thrives.

I only know its wrong. I only know that more of us, at least, should proudly support and stand up against bigotry. But keyboard warriors aren’t sufficient; digital petitions aren’t enough; this attitude at the very least can be articulated “live” to friends, loved ones, when they make homophobic remarks, when they dismiss women as dumb, when they try sneak a racial “observation” through conversation. Maybe that will help, maybe it will make them think twice about being so comfortable in their lack of concern for people who aren’t part of their group.

Again: I don’t know. This realisation that things are wrong anchored by having no fucking clue what to do is, for me, almost as horrible as knowing that, tomorrow, bigotry will continue and innocent people will be hurt because they’re not the “right” sex, not the right race, not the right sexuality, not  physically built right, not the right height, not the right weight.

I hate this species.

(This is an important piece, by Marc Bennetts, on responding to Russian situation.)


  1. Copyleft says

    Depends what you mean by ‘bigotry,’ doesn’t it? Anyone is free to embrace any feelings or opinions they like; it’s their ACTIONS that matter.

  2. leni says

    Jesus christ. I had to turn it off after the bottle. I want to vomit. This is beyond bigotry. It is exactly what several people in the video said: organized lynching, committed with impunity and filmed for the entertainment of fascist murderers and rapists. And there is no way they haven’t murdered people. No. fucking. way. They probably recorded it for their own pleasure, but are smart enough not to post those online.

    Thee sick fucks will torture and rape a man on camera and then act like they are morally superior? That isn’t bigotry, it’s fucking insanity.

  3. dangerousbeans says

    @leni (No.2)
    you should probably read this:
    it isn’t insanity, those people are likely mentally well. it’s just horrible, typical, disgusting bigotry.

    i’m not going to watch the video, but i have met people like that. the people who referred to me as “that”, yelled shit at me, and tried to start fights with me so they would have an excuse to hurt me. if they were in Russia (or here 40 years ago) they would have just attacked me. it’s all bigotry, it’s just some think they can get away with hurting/killing us.

    further, most of the crazy people i have met have been really friendly and accepting. i’m reminded of the ex-army, working class, straight bloke with major PTSD and related issues i met through group therapy when i first came out as trans. he immediately accepted me as a woman, and was very supportive.

  4. leni says


    I’ve already read that post, thanks, and I do get what you are saying. But I do not have a better word for the delusion that one is morally superior while beating, torturing and raping a man and then posting a video of it for others to enjoy. If you have suggestions feel free to share them, but please do better than “bigotry”.

    …it’s all bigotry, it’s just some think they can get away with hurting/killing us.

    Sorry, I just don’t think that word adequately describes the beating, torture and rape of a man for entertainment.

    …further, most of the crazy people i have met have been really friendly and accepting.

    Me too. An old friend of mine was convinced that fairies were giving her art advice. She makes wonderful art and is one of the kindest, sweetest and maybe sanest people I will ever have the pleasure of knowing.

  5. dangerousbeans says

    well can you find a word that doesn’t include me in with the people who wish to murder me?

  6. Oob says

    These monsters are a lot of things, but they aren’t terrified. The VICTIMS are the ones who are terrified, and nothing those bullies have experienced can be said to come close to that.