1. R Johnston says

    Pretty good selection. I’d add “Don’t feed the trolls!” It broadly overlaps with Freeze Peach! mentality, resulting from a belief that moderating a forum is the most evil thing ever, further rooted in denial of the empirical reality that ignoring the trolls simply does no good. Trolls should be banned, or rebutted for the benefit of any third parties who are unsure whether the troll might have a point, or flamed to a crisp because it’s a fun thing to do. Occasionally they should be reported to the police. They should almost never be simply ignored.

  2. KRS says

    I also find internet credibility police irritating. These would be people who attack a blogger by saying that something about their post “ruins your credibility.” How do they know? Claiming that someone has lost or ruined their credibility isn’t a statement about your personal beliefs; you’re making a statement about what most people think. Naturally, these posters never provide any evidence that posting about a certain topic or in a certain way lowers anybody’s reputation among the general public.