I’m Down

I dunt know from culture and societie, but this here fashion show looks like a good time.  One must serve looks, so I’m given to understand.

Of course those weirdos are all young and skinny.  Reaching some years prior, the show below appeals more to my everyday people fetish.  I feel like the designer was busted for antisemitisms or something, but I don’t think this video gives him any money?  Plus I don’t care enough about who these people are to google ’em.  Again tho, looks like a good time.


  1. Ken Baker says

    It’s always entertaining to watch how they walk, often with each foot crossing over the other to step on the other side. Sometimes they strut, sometimes it’s more of a trudge, sometimes a prance. One thing they never do is trundle.

  2. says

    yeah, looks like it was galliano getting popped for antisemitic shit in paris in 2013, a few years after the incident in 2011, on very cursory googling. seems like he did the apology circuit and is actually back in the industry – producing shows for that maison margiela in the first video.

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