Where Everybody Knows Your Name

a dream, more sensible than most, at least in summary mode, where the inconsistent reality and messiness is not visible…

the ted danson and rhea perlman characters from cheers found out the space for the old bar had become available again, and while they didn’t have the money, they wanted to hatch some kind of crazy scheme to help rhea get it for herself.  the bar itself was long gone, torn out for a business that had since gone out of business, but she was wanting to get the back office area of it, which was intact, and for which she was feeling nostalgia.

there was a fancy art deco mural in back of the office which seemed to have a secret door, and they wanted to get in to find out what it was concealing.  maybe they thought it was a treasure that could help her afford the place.

ted found a way to break into the building from the roof, but they got split up and the story followed rhea’s perspective.  i feel like i was her, but perspective is flexible in these things.

there were businesses on that side of the wall, with a big open central area ringed by a staircase.  i / rhea figured out how to break into their shit, where i found ominous notes.  ultimately i unsealed the vault from the other side, unleashing giant hypercarnivorous monsters with camouflage abilities like in the movie relic.

while i fled, things went back to third person, focused on one of the business guys, played by edward james olmos.  he was repping his secret society and lamenting their failure at monster containment, as one of the monsters dragged him down the stairwell, eating him alive in gory chunks.

not sure because the dream is rapidly fleeing memory, but I think the reveal of monster-hiding cult may have helped rhea acquire the place she wanted.  end on cheers theme.

why would i dream i was rhea perlman?  it’s been a thousand years since i watched cheers and i only recall broad strokes of the show.  i feel like either the show’s writing or rhea’s acting* made her the most relatable character on the show – frequently sympathetic, loyal to ted’s sportball gigolo.  did she have romantic feels for him that would never be fulfilled because he was out of her league?  i think so?

unrelated, i’d like to remind folks i do not have a policy against “necroposting” and am ok with people commenting on posts that have already come and gone.  i would have liked more response to my three mega spooktober posts, at least to know if any of the jokes and references landed with anyone.  thanks.

*another case of lady actors doing the heavy lifting


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