Road Movie to Sura

Had a dream last night.  I don’t remember the earliest part of it, think it was CW Flash TV show type bullshit.  Some speedboy was there in villain colors, like purple with green elements.  His costume had angry eyebrows, X motifs, and stylized top surgery scars on it.  But most of the dream involved me traveling to and conducting business in a fake (?) city called Sura, in a predominantly islamic state of the former soviet union.

I had gone there just to interview an aged ambassador at the israeli embassy about some occult stuff and the relationship between judaism and christianity.  He kept having health problems and fading in and out of consciousness.  His wife was there in even worse shape, practically a puppet like the Crypt-Keeper.  For some reason I was in better condition than IRL, younger and not bald.

Near the end of the dream I became confused, seeing multiple versions of my boyfriend at different ages in the scene.  Some of the versions didn’t recognize me.  The dream broke down and I woke up.  But yeah, always fun to go someplace you’ve never been before.

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    Only the cool elements of the dream were included. It had a lot of backtracking and grody grime, became tediously non-linear even before the time-travelish stuff later on.

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    google maps’d “sura former soviet union” and while i doubt the resulting place in russia is predominantly islamic or has an israeli embassy, there is a tiny nothing of a municipality named Sura.