1. Oggie: Mathom says

    Looks to me like a cloth vest with earning bangles hung on it at regular intervals.

    Never saw that video before. The Irish-style step dancing meshes well.

    I have never actually owned a music video. And the first music video I ever saw was Paul and Linda McCartney doing ‘Coming Up’. The two of them did the entire band, even the sax player hopelessly outclassed in moving to the beat, much less dancing.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help, but I am so much of a nerd that I missed most of the popular culture while it was happening. That’d be the period of time from the late 1970s to, well, today. Too busy with D&D (the white box) and writing code on a TI Pro computer.

  2. says

    i was talking about audio cassettes, but i do think there was a video cassette available as well. woulda been rhythm nation. the step dancing i think one can blame on paula abdul. at some point in janet’s career, that was her main choreographer.

    so in white box d&d, what kinda AC would cloth vest with bangles have?

  3. Oggie: Mathom says

    i do think there was a video cassette available as well.

    This would have been about the time I discovered the Beatles, the Stones, the Who, Buffalo Springfield, the Zepp, etc, which I did have on cassette, but anything too current was anathema to me — I think I was a hipster (blecccch) or proto grunge or something.

    so in white box d&d, what kinda AC would cloth vest with bangles have?

    I’m guessing something between boiled leather and a t-shirt — maybe deerskin? About an 8? Maybe?

    Damn. Now I am trying to remember the armour classes from the old D&E. I think that 9 was bare skin, 8 would be deer skin, 7 bear skin, 6 boiled leather, and so on into the negative numbers for unobtainium with a magical enhancement.

    I no longer have the white box books. My daughter’s husband’s sister got married and, the two of them being serious gamers, received the White Books and three expansion books as their wedding present. Which blew away the guests. One person there said he had written articles about the original White Box Books (I swear I could hear him capitalize them) but had never even seen an actual copy.

    Made serious cool nerd points.

  4. Jazzlet says

    Looks to me like a collared, studded waistcoat (vest) over early (non-shiny) lycra top and pants. The waistcoat has the classic satin (shiny) back, non-classical collar and studs. It could be something like suede, but if it is it is extraordinarily supple, so I’d suggest something like a heavy, matte silk for the front and collar. You can get some gorgeous silks that feel like suede, but that drape much better, probably lined by more of the satin to support the studs, and so the whole isn’t too stiff.

  5. says

    Tegan says definitely fabric, with rhinestone charms that dangle. Built on waistcoat lines, and she can’t tell whether or not it has sleeves.

    Jackson had a period in the 80s where she was mostly doing military-inspired outfits, so this could be part of that.

    I noticed that it’s shiny.

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