Last Demon Drop

This is the last one where I’ll be looking at demon descriptions, but I have a few other things I found in the book I’d at least like to touch on in future posts.  Once I’m done with all of this, I intend to bring the disparate sources together into a single demonology, more “authentic” in its underlying content, but with some art and ideas of my own as well.

Unless I’m mistaken:  “Lambes magnus rex et preses apparet insimilitudine mulierum : loquitur suave prestat amorem tam hominum quam mulierum : si exorcista volvent omnes homines ad amorem fuum povocare faciat imaginem auctam en cum vicinus fronte snibatur amor amore vincitur , et precipiat : ut consacret dando sibi talem virtutem , ut omnes utrius q3 sexua homines accedatur in amorem exorcista qui nullus presumat contra eum in alium farere ad tuum presignant . et habet sub se 19 legiones :–”

Best attempt, degenerates into extreme nonsense:  Lambes, great king and president, appears in the likeness of a woman, speaks pleasantly, gives love of both men and women.  When the exorcist turns all men who have love povocare? make picture subsequently and with close front fribatur? love is overcome by love, and commanded, or hallowing him with such power, or all / both genders of people allows in love for the exorcist, no presuming against him in another of nothing with your noteworthy. And has under him 19 legions.

Hilarious aside:  google translate says “prestat amorem tam hominum quam mulierum” means “I should love both men and women” – word to the wise MFers.  Go bi or go home.

Another stab at transcription:  “Torcha magnus marchio , et dux fortis apparet in similitudinem Grifonis : cum a?ut suscipit formam humanam loquitur rauca voce dupliciter : Ep?ot per ipsum omnes volucres ligare , et omnia volatilia que sunt supra terram , et in aere : qui si exorcista sapiens fint? unam avem ex ere faciet , et ipsam consecrari faciet sibi talem virtutem dando qui omnes aves liget sub voluntate exor : ita qui omnes aves coadimet in illa perte ubi est avis illa profita fuit? : et emittent dulciter cantus suos , et sint mansuete et humane voluntati obedientes in omnibus . Nota qui exorcista potest con ea omnes aves exprere f3 qui sibi p Lacuerit . Dat n dignitates exor. et illas confirmat:–”

Best effort, I got my ass kicked:  Torcha, great marquis and strong duke, appears in likeness of a griffon.  With another human form, speaks in a rough duplicitous voice (or two voices?).  By him all flying creatures can be bound, and all fowl which are over the earth and in air.   If the wise exorcist makes a bird of copper and consecrates it, he gives himself the power to have all birds bound willingly under him.  Ita qui omnes aves coadimet in illa perte ubi est avis illa profita fuit?  …and produces sweet songs, and without mansuete? and kindness willingly obeys in all.  Note who exorcist can with this/it all birds exprere? f3 who/which himself p lacuerit.  Gives dignities and confirms them.  …This one makes me want to take a long nap.

It’s the last guy in the book!  “Triplex fuie complex magnus dux et marchio Apparet insimilitudinem angeli pulchri : et est humilis et fidelus omnibus mandatis exorciste , et est ideo triplex : quia per en? possunt omnia triplinter ligari , et ideo potentior est alus . Ideo possunt ligari volucres bestie , serpentes , Basilisii , et dracones in puteis et internis : et facit ad voluntatem exorciste , reges , magnates , principes , et minores ad voluntatem : super tronum sedere coronam hns? auream que consecretur a predicto preside  ad tempustale . et ponatur in aula regis , ut in camera et habet sub se sua portate · 43 · legiones , et fuit de ordine principatus :– Amen :–”

Triplex ? complex great duke and marquis appears in likeness of a sexy angel, and is humble and faithful to all of the exorcist’s commands, and is therefore Triplex.  Because per en? they can all three be bound, and therefore strong are others (?).  Therefore they can bind flying creatures beasts serpents basilisks and dragons in pits and inside (?).  And at the will of the exorcist, makes kings, great princes, and servants subject to his will.  On thrones set crowns hns? of gold, which is to be consecrated on this president with such a time.  And on thrones are set crowns and places in a king’s court or room, and has beneath him carrying 43 legions, and is of the order of Principalities.  Amen.  (You can say that again!)

This is another one confirmed with an entry in The Book of Oberon, which really makes me wonder what books the author of that grimoire was looking at.  Enjoy the weird dipshit version of Triplex… Friblex!:  “42. Friblex a greate duke & a marques, & appeareth like an Aungell, he is both meeke & trewe,& that in all commaundements, of the Maister, & therfore he is called Friplex, & is the moremighty & hath under him 6 legions.”

In celebration of this milestone, have a marginalia weirdo:


  1. cartomancer says

    1. Lambes magnus rex et preses apparet in similitudine
    mulierum. loquitur suave, praestat amorem tam hominum
    quam mulierum. Si exorcista voluerit omnes homines
    ad amorem suum provocare, faciat ymagine auctam
    en cum vicimus fronte scribatur amor amore vim
    citur et praecipiat ut consacretur dando sibi talem
    virtutem ut omnes utriusque sexus homines accedantur
    in amorem exorcistae. ita quod nullus praesumat contra
    eum in alium facere ad tuum praesignant. et
    habet sub se i5 legiones.

    Lambes, great king and president, appears in the likeness
    of a woman. He talks sweetly, and offers the love of men
    as much as of women. If the exorcist wishes to provoke
    all people to his love, let him make an enlarged image.
    Behold! when a kindred (image) is inscribed on his forehead,
    love is conquered by love, and takes hold, so that it is
    consecrated by giving to him such virtue that all people
    of both sexes accede to the love of the exorcist. Thus,
    because none might anticipate against him to make him fall for another,
    they are marked to his (sign). And he has 15 legions under him.

    2. Torcha, magnus marchio et dux fortis apparet
    in similitudine grifonis. cum autem suscipit formam
    humanam loquitur rauca voce dupliciter. Et
    potest per ipsum omnes volucres ligare, et omnia volatilia
    quie sunt supra terra, et in aere. qui si exorcista
    sapiens fuerit unam avem ex (a)ere faciat, et ipsam consecrari
    faciet sibi talem virtutes dando quod omnes
    aves liget sub voluntate exorcistae. ita quod omnes
    aves coadimet in illa potestae, ubi est avis illa posita
    fuerit. et emittant dulciter cantus suos et sint
    mansuete et humane voluntati obedientes in
    omnibus. Nota quod exorcista potest cum ea omnes aves
    rapere rostra quod sibi placuerit. Dat enim dignitates ex ore
    et illas confirmat.

    Torcha, a great marquis and strong duke, appears
    in the likeness of a griffon. When, however, he assumes
    human form, he speaks duplicitously with a harsh voice. And
    he is able by his own power to bind all birds, and all swift
    things which are above the earth and in the air. If the
    exorcist is wise, let him have made a bird from bronze, and
    have it consecrated by giving to it such power that it might
    bind all birds under the will of the exorcist. Therefore,
    since he seizes all the birds together with that power, where there is a bird,
    he will have placed it. And they will give out their song sweetly,
    and will be tame and obedient to human will in all things.
    Note that with this the exorcist can capture all birds he pleases
    by the beak. He gives rank and status with his words* and confirms them.

    * literally “from the mouth”.

    3. Triplex, sive complex, magnus dux et marchio, apparet
    in similitudine angeli pulchri, et est humilis et fidelis omnibus
    mandatis exorcistae et est ideo triplex: quia per eum possunt
    omnia tripliciter ligari, et ideo potentior est aliis. Ideo possunt
    ligari volucres, bestiae, serpentes, basilisci et dracones in
    putris et cisterins et facit ad voluntatem exorcistae reges,
    magnates, principes et minores ad voluntate super tronum sedere
    coronam habens auream que consecretur a praedicto praeside
    ad tempus tale. et ponatur in aula regis ut in camera et habet
    sub sua potestate 43 legiones, et fuit de ordine principatus. Amen

    Triplex, or Complex, a great duke and marquis, appears in the
    likeness of a beautiful angel, and is humble and faithful
    to all the commands of the exorcist, and is, therefore, threefold.
    Since through him can all things be bound in three ways, and therefore
    he is more powerful than the rest. Therefore the following can be
    bound: birds, beasts, serpents, basilisks and dragons, in decay
    and in splendour. and he also brings the following under the
    will of the exorcist: kings, magnates, princes and lesser men,
    under his will. To sit upon the throne, wearing a golden crown which is
    consecrated by the aforementioned reigning power at such a time,
    and he is placed in the hall of a king, or or his chamber. And under
    his power he has 43 legions, and was of the rank of principality. Amen.

  2. says

    That was fast! Thanks for everything. I’ve got one more Latin post with no demons in it coming, but I wouldn’t even bother translating it if I were you. I worked through enough to tell it was just less interesting magical nonsense. But if you do like these just for a challenge, as I said, one more on its way.

  3. kestrel says

    I keep reading your title as “Last Lemon Drop” and thinking, Noooo! Surely there must be more somewhere!

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