Is This One Different?

A few important things about the Christchurch terrorism might set it apart from previous incidents of a similar nature. Obviously the scale, the number of victims. But also where in the world it happened. There are a lot of muslims in Southeast Asia and the islands there. Countries like Indonesia and Bangladesh were very quick to make statements, get involved. Tempers are heated.

White supremacist terrorists want the same thing islamist terrorists want: to spark a global fight to the death between religious / racial factions. Unfortunately, the rise of global fascism has brought a lot of people to power that agree with the aim. Christchurch is great fuel for making the west look like monsters. Nazi dickholes like Fraser Anning stump up, muslims see that. Islamist terrorists are surely using the opportunity to recruit. Sheisty governments like Indonesia and the United Snakes figure out ways to take advantage.

Seems like the internet is moving on pretty damn fast. But for those most vulnerable to being manipulated by this shit, it won’t be so easily forgotten. I don’t feel like I’m going to forget it that fast. But just the same, it’s probably time for me to stop blogging about it.

Last words from me? Condolences or eulogies? The dead have no problems. A moment of silence to think about that peace. It’s sad for the living who peer into the void, but in that place there is no pain or sadness. I’ll take a cold comfort.

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