You’re the Terrorists, DHS

So the nationalistically named Department of Homeland Security has decided that my peoples in antifascism are terrorists. Even that fucking centrist crapsack Trevor Noah has decided to go out of his way to shit on the movement. I’d actually like to thank the DHS for reinforcing the dogshit coming from moderates right now, because if there’s anything that might give the more clever of them pause, it’s the Orange Regime agreeing with them.

I’ll thank them for that demonstration, but must hector them on accuracy. Antifa are terrorists? What is a terrorist? I could see some individual antifas might meet the criteria, but they’re outnumbered by an order of magnitude by white cops that kill to reinforce mortal terror in the African American population. So. DHS? FBI? DEA? Any other breed or stripe of fucking cop? If antifa as a whole is terrorist because some individuals may have committed some violence for their ideology, then every last cop is a both a terrorist and white supremacist by the same metric.

I don’t have the power to make the terms. The state does. So if the state says it’s terrorist to be me, then I’m a terrorist. Likewise if the state decided to decree people like me to be fifty foot purple nuns with laser vision, then we’d be fifty foot purple nuns with laser vision. It doesn’t make it true anywhere except in this fucked-ass Bizarro world they’re forging.

Anyway, Fuck The Motherfucking Man. Seriously, I’m so goddamn burned out and tired of EVERYTHING in power right now. Able-bodied cishet white men? Fuck all of them, fuck anyone who is any of those things to the extent they fit the description, and to the extent I fit those descriptors (a lot), fuck me too. More than anything I’m tired of LIES, of living in a world run by unchecked lies so bald-faced and outrageous that they make me wanna rip my fucking face off. Fuck you, Trump, fuck your world of lies, and fuck anyone who plays the fife in the goddamn hell parade.

Sincerely, a terrorist.


  1. lanir says

    Antifa are terrorists* because BLM are terrorists. BLM are terrorists because Occupy Wall Street was terrorist.

    * terrorist here means “something too new to have a preset losing role in my authoritarian wet dreams and not on my side (but potentially too big to ignore)”

    It’s interesting how all those people yapping about how superior they are nevertheless talk like they’re afraid of their own shadow (it’s darker, you see). Why if I believed all of that I should say I could clearly win a foot race against Usian Bolt. I have less melanin than he does so clearly I should come out on top. Why I’d be so confident I’m sure I could spot him 40 pound weights on each ankle. I’d be so certain of my obvious superiority I’m sure I could graciously allow him this handicap. We could start as soon as he strapped those weights on… What’s that? Oh the weights are for him of course. Obviously I would run free as the gods and our forefathers intended. Now as I was saying… Once he straps on those 40… no, 60! pound weights on each ankle I feel certain I should give him a run for his money.

    Sorry if the above missed the mark for anyone, but lately I feel like the only sane response to some of this ugly mess is ridicule. The more pointed the better.

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