Anyone Watching Agents of Shield?

Just got caught up today. I think Madame Hydra was pretty cool, the whole creepy What If? scenario is giving some opportunities for thoughtful writing about psychology, philosophy, and ethics. Not as simplistic as that sort of thing could be, which is good, because in the past fifty years we’ve had hella different shows using the same Mirror Mirror setup. I admit it’s a fun premise, but also fun to see it being handled with maturity instead of slapping goatees on fools.

Expect SPOILERS in the comments, if anyone does comment.


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    I’m only far as season two, because I have to wait for stuff to be out on disc, but I’ve been enjoying it so far!

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    The show as a whole isn’t the most amazing thing in the universe, but it’s pretty decent and totally worth watching at least once. The latest season has ghost rider, life model decoys, and madame hydra, which is the comicky goodness some other seasons have been light on. It’s pretty dope.

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    Oh, I’m looking forward to it! Overall, what I liked most about the 2nd season was how the ‘Daisy’s Dad’ arc ended up. And I wish someone would literally take Ward’s head off. I live in hope.

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    When I first came in I think on season two or three, Ward was being treated by the writers as a “cool sociopath.” That trope blows, and what happened after that, I feel, made up for it. He loses the “cool” part through the rest of his story. Just seems like a pathetic creep.

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