War, All Day Every Day, Until We Are Gone

Largest non-nuclear bomb ever dropped was shat out on Afghanistan, because Syria somehow. There is nothing we can possibly do to rise to the level of the threat against the human species that Trump and his fuckhead legions represent, which makes it a good time to consult your reasons for fighting in the face of certain defeat, like those French Resistance folks. More accurately, like the German resistance to Hitler. All those lovely dead people.

So war, all day every day, against those who kill thousands at a time for fun and profit, against those who poison the biosphere and condemn our species to earn pennies on their stocks, against those who exploit hatred of every class of “other” to make Amurrican jackoffs vote against their own interest in every fucking way, every fucking time. A war where maybe the second worst outcome is the extinction of our species.

I say second worst because I consider the eternal reich of racist sexist dominionist eugenicist queer-killers to be a skosh worse than death. Probably not going to last forever because it may already be too late to prevent global warming from killing us off in a thousand different ways. So I guess that’s going to be my point of hope for the moment.

Anyhow, long live the fighters. G’night!


  1. says

    Either that, or I’m overreacting. Probably recently exploded people would think the opposite, if ghosts were a thing. Speakin’ of which, ghosts should be a thing. Ho hum.

  2. Glor says

    Eh… both?

    Looking at both US domestic and foreign policy, it’s quite obvious in what direction its developing. Both Trump and the party allied with him have shown a disdain for the basic principles of liberal constitutional democracy (rule of law, not rule of men; innocent until proven guilty and all that jazz). And considering Trump’s cluelessness, he might start WWIII without noticing… So you’re not overreacting. Not quite the time for armed resistance (that’s seriously a step not to be taken lightly), but if this goes on…

    On the other hand, as far as dropping that huge bomb, speaking as a non-usian… eh.
    Yeah, the bomb was bigger than the ones normally used. Eh. You’re just as dead if you get hit by 500lb bomb. Or a Tomahawk. Or a hellfire launched by a drone. And the US use a lot more of them. A whole fucking lot. Without pretty much any discussion (although at least that spares us the ‘our weapons are so beautiful and awesome’ semi-masturbatory crap).
    Yeah, there was no serious strategy behind it. Eh. Those strategies no doubt sound really brilliant the Pentagon or the White House Briefing room. On the ground, for the people acutely affected by it? Shit still goes boom the same way.
    Yeah, the earlier strike against Syria was probably against both international and US law. Eh. Since when did that stop the US? Unlawful combatants, gulf of tonkin, bay of pigs, invasion of iraq, whatever?
    Bombing the shit out of other countries with pretty much impunity while large parts of the US press and populace is having a pavlovian response is what the US has been doing since the Korean War. This isn’t a new book. It’s barely even a new chapter 🙁
    (And no, I’m not saying that previous presidents were as bad as Trump – no one who has been paying any fucking attention could. I’m saying that on the point of use and abuse of air power, US policy (and domestic perception) is so fucked up (and so ingrained) even the most progressive president in my lifetime made no significant improvement and even Donald wannabe-fuhrer Trump hasn’t made it significantly worse. Yet. That’s scary and disturbing enough)
    Doesn’t make it any less disgusting. Doesn’t make it any less wrong. Doesn’t mean it’s any less urgent to stop them. I hope that what and whoever comes after this (if things come after this…) finally improves it. Cause hope dies last, or something 😉

  3. says

    Caine- Stuff like that makes you wonder if his partisans will ever see the light. Then again, nazi frog enthusiasts are so wrong-headed they’re probably poppin’ boners as much as the orangeness is.

    Glor- Thanks for the perspective. Definitely needed at times like this.

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