Islamophobia: Still Real

It’s a perennial debate in the atheistical community, and a snoozer.  Many of us are total patsies for the man, gleefully feeding the xenophobia that got The Fascist Orange elected.  I’m only making this post to add balance to a fleeting list of text that shall be subsumed beneath the tides of internet.  It’s not even worth discussing any more, honestly.  No one is changing their mind, are they?


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    Islamophobes will only stop being passionate haters when their brains turn to worm food. Unfortunately they’re infectious so new generations of haters follow them. Pointing and laughing at them seems to at least slow them them down a bit, and of course that can make your own day seem a little brighter. It’s something to do even if it does little to fix the situation.

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    It’s a good point, Lofty. I guess I just get too tired for the conversation, especially when the same inane talking points are trotted out every time. When even the title of an article is some trite moldy BS, how can one be expected to read what follows?

    Glor, you’re welcome. 🙂

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    Doobie doobie doo… Disingenuousness…

    I answer a question that was put to me, without allowing the comment out of moderation, because fuck giving a platform to disingenuous islamophobes.

    Islamophobia means different things to different people. To muslims and to people muslim & otherwise who value faiths more universally, islamophobia would include attacks of any kind on islam as a religion. As an firm atheist, I’d reject that definition. Islam is a religion, and an abrahamic faith at that. Therefore, it’s morally repugnant and deserves some scorn – most importantly to allow humans that are oppressed by it some measure of protection and camaraderie. I want to be here for ex-muslims and never-muslims from that cultural background.

    But criticism of islam in the west has been horribly tainted by xenophobia and general scumbaggery, to the point where it has to be presented carefully to avoid feeding into the oppression of vulnerable people. I’m serious as fuck about this. To me, islamophobia is the belief that islam is uniquely dangerous among the abrahamic faiths, which necessitates extreme vigilance against its adherents, which makes destroying the religion a noble aim. To me, that is a dangerously wrong-hearted proposition.

    So do I think the oppressive acts of islamist nations and organizations need to be criticized? Absolutely. But due to the toxic situation here in which muslims are being FUCKING MURDERED and terrorized, this criticism should be carefully presented.

    If I am to spend every day, morning noon & night, posting about the evils committed in the name of islam, I will never run out of material. But I would also be doing the work of the Trumpites, christianists, and neo-nazis, by focusing on that evil to the extent it eclipses how dangerous and wicked our own culture is, to the extent it makes literally billions of peaceful humans look like monsters. I would be no different than a site like Breitbart running “black crime watch.”

    I don’t say enough about islamophobia because I’m tired of everything, I don’t even want to have written this much, and this is the last I’ll write for a while. Fuck all y’all, ESPECIALLY motherfucking white atheists. I became an anti-theist because I care about people. Apparently, that wasn’t much of a consideration for most of our asses.

  4. kenal98 says

    Just wanted to add my two cents, even though I get why you are frustrated by this stuff and don’t wanna write about it anymore.

    One of the things which really pisses me off about this Islamophobic stuff is when these bigots attempt to tell me that the bigoted crap they are saying about Muslims as a whole is somehow for my benefit because I am an ex-Muslim. My head explodes every time I read the shit from one these nincompoops. When you go around saying that Islam is uniquely evil among all religions and then imply that therefore Muslims who are citizens of nations in the West are somehow deserving of less rights, that kinda douchebaggery helps precisely zero ex-Muslim or never-Muslims. As if being an ex-Muslim should mean that I am cool with Muslims being treated as second class citizens and being subject all manner violent fuckery. And some of these dolts never even stop to think that when they step to me with this Islamophobic shit, the people they are talking about and want to expose to harm are my fucking family and dear friends!!

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