The Original Ghostbusters was Racist Trash

I’m too wiped out from work to make a substantial case, but it’s around, you can no doubt find it elsewhere. My assertions:

The original two’s treatment of Ernie Hudson was awful. He was marginalized by everything from the script to the camerawork.

Evidence of where this comes from can be seen in earlier works of the writer Harold Ramis. Animal House and the like. Black people were always outsiders, while the fruits of their culture were front and center. Love that music, scared of the scary people and haha, ain’t we just funny like that?

And now, fans of the original hating on the new one have focused that hatred straight at the one black person in sight, to heights more disgusting than ever. Excuse me while I piss on your childhood, you racist misogynist pukes.

The original Ghostbusters was just like its fans: racist trash. Also, fuck all white nerd dudes off the planet, including myself if that’s the price I gotta pay. Let’s go. Let’s leave the humans alone, clearly we’re done with any pretense of being human ourselves, right?

ehhhhhh anyway, Don’t take everything I say too seriously. I got some calming down to do. Will moderate comments eventually. cu L8r.


  1. Great American Satan says

    No comments! Sometimes it’s nice to unload something and not get into poop over it. 🙂

  2. drken says

    Well, Animal House (as well as Ghostbusters) was by Harvard Lampoon alums; and privileged, white guys punching down while positioning themselves as outsiders is pretty much what the Harvard Lampoon stands for.

  3. Menyambal says

    In addition, in the original Ghostbusters first movie, the Bill Murray character was an incredibly sexist asshat.

  4. Skull-Bearer says

    … I got the feeling in Animal house that we were supposed to be laughing AT the idiot students, not with.

    You argument that Ghostbusters is racist trash kinda needs some framework too.

  5. EnlightenmentLiberal says

    In addition, in the original Ghostbusters first movie, the Bill Murray character was an incredibly sexist asshat.

    His character was actually a serial rapist. Perhaps it was accidental, but that’s what happened to be in the script. Remember how the professor is trying to sex his student at the start of the film by faking test results / lying to participants of tests, and shocking that other poor college student as part of the process? And of course, when he was with Dana, and on the phone with the other ghostbuster, he offhand remarks that he put Dana to sleep with IIRC “300 CCs of Thorazine” for her own good because she’s possessed. Ok, putting her to sleep because she’s a danger to herself because she’s possessed – I can buy that reasoning. However, why did he bring along a bunch of thorazine on a date? He didn’t know that she would be possessed when he decided to bring the thorazine!

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