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Why is it practically fucking impossible to get YT to stop recommending Louis CK to me? It’s the John Oliver videos I watch, probably. Still, would it kill them to get smarter algorithms for that? Like, adding their own keywords to the data, so they can see that I said “do not like” and “not interested” on twenty videos that had the letters “Lou” in the title and never recommend so much as an Abbott & Costello video to me again. I ain’t a computer genius, but I can’t imagine that would be very difficult.


  1. Jake Harban says

    Personally, I just clear out Youtube’s cookies every day. It gets rid of their annoying “recommendations” instantly.

  2. Chas, PE SE says

    Probably fro the same reason they keep linking me to “Flat Earth Proved!” vids. Of course, I keep clicking on those…

  3. Devocate says

    ” I ain’t a computer genius, but I can’t imagine that would be very difficult.”

    Famous last words. It is an extremely difficult problem. Consider how you would classify a billion or so videos, such that a billion or so people got only what they want from videos that they haven’t already seen.

  4. lorn says

    Foxfire, I hit the clear history button at least once a day. It also has decent pop-up blockers included but if you add Add Blocker Plus and Ghostery it avoids a whole lot of noise. Some sites object but no big thing for me. Deleting and/or avoiding all that mess makes you less vulnerable to casual intruders.

  5. Great American Satan says

    Interesting info, y’all. On one level, I’m kinda like, targeted ad content is inexorable wave of future, give the man a bone. On another level, fuck ’em.

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