In a Desperate Search for Voter Fraud, TX Lt. Gov. Offers a Million Dollar Reward

Another day, another round of Texas in the news….  From The Texas Tribune, There’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud, but Dan Patrick is encouraging people to report it with up to a $1 million reward“:

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Tuesday he is offering up to $1 million to “incentivize, encourage and reward” people for reports of voter fraud in Texas, even as there’s been no evidence of mass voter fraud and experts say it’s rare.

The Republican state leader’s crusade for proof of election problems in Texas comes as members of his own party dominated up and down the ballot.

So, the Democrats just managed to orchestrate fraud at the top?

More news on this from CBS and The Hill.

I have to wonder if this is meant to distract from the fact that Texas recently surpassed 1 million COVID cases.

Also, if this keeps up, I’m going to have to make a category for “Texas 2020 Election: GOP vs. Reality” or something like that.


  1. brucegee1962 says

    Do you suppose he will cheerfully award anyone who comes forward with evidence of Republican fraud?
    Maybe not…