Weeks Since the HRC Has Called Texas Out on Harmful Policy: 0

Again.  This time, Gov. Abbott and Attorney General Paxton are out to harm transgender youth and the family members and medical professionals who support them.  From Texas Signal:

After Ken Paxton issued an attorney general opinion classifying certain procedures or medications for trans children as “child abuse,” Abbott followed up with his own directive to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). Abbott’s letter to the head of DFPS orders the agency to investigate any claim of gender-affirming care as “child abuse.”

This is hardly the first time the Texas GOP has put policy into place attacking transgender youth.  See also this article from The Texas Tribune: “Trans kids and supporters say new Texas law will keep them out of school sports

So, I’ve written up another postcard to ask Abbott, Paxton, Lt. Gov. Patrick, and any GOP state senator or representative what they intend to do when harm comes to transgender youth directly because of their recent actions.  Update them, use them as is, print them, share them: just make sure your voice is heard.

Oh, and, there’s an election this fall.  Just a reminder….