This (un)charming man

Prior to last Friday, I was blissfully unaware of the existence of Billy Bush. It turns out his nauseatingly sycophantic interactions with Trump in the now infamous video were only the tip of the iceberg. Look at this fucking guy:

The casual sexism would be mind-numbing if it weren’t so grotesque. I’m guessing the people that watch these shows failed to notice since it’s just “how things are” and “how men act,” instead of recoiling in disgust.

One wonders if hosting vapid talk shows is where he wanted to end up in life, as someone from an immensely powerful political dynasty. I bet he gets so much shit from his family. With every opportunity in the world at his sleazy, extraordinarily privileged fingertips, interviewing celebrities is what he chose as a career? Maybe his attachment to Trump provides a window into why. There are more videos where he can be seen gleefully interacting with Trump, his probable alpha male role model. It’s not hard to infer that Trump represents everything Bush wishes he could be. Bush merely harasses women publicly in a socially acceptable manner (until just now apparently) and can only dream of being able to enact the type of predatory sexual aggressiveness that Trump displays on a regular basis. It’s reasonable to suggest that the celebrities he interviews wouldn’t give him the time of day without his largely unearned social capital, and he knows it.

I wonder how many women were creeped out or saw him as the pitiful man-child he is. If I’m on the right track, I bet he hates being perceived as the latter. Overall, even if my brief armchair psychological analysis is wrong (not likely as I got a C- in an Intro to Psych course over a decade ago), it’s not too surprising he’s glommed onto Trump’s campaign and his brand of toxic masculinity. And I resent that now I am aware of his pathetic existence.


  1. says

    One wonders if hosting vapid talk shows is where he wanted to end up in life, as someone from an immensely powerful political dynasty.

    That he’s got a job at all is because of whose uterus he squeezed out of, not from any merit of his own. Which is funny, he probably thinks he’s a self-made man the same as GWB did.

  2. lakitha tolbert says

    He’s a man who seems to desperately want to be famous for something, but lacks any of the talents, skills, or even general qualities, that would make him famous. Oh, right, he does posses the skill of glomming onto other famous people.

    His greatest quality seems to be mediocrity.

  3. quotetheunquote says

    Hi all,

    I too had never heard of this particular Bush before last Friday.

    i absolutely agree, Billy is a vile, ogling child in the body of an adult, but I don’t see him as worse than anybody else in the “celebrity” business. The whole “red carpet” culture is a cesspool of sexism in which women are seen entirely as objects of the male gaze, and certainly not as human beings. (I think that whole concept could use a “How is this still a thing?” excerpt on LWT).

    No doubt many readers are doing the “yes, I think we get this already [*eyeroll*]” at the moment. But my point – and I DO have one – is that it seems kind of silly to me to pick on someone like Billy, when the whole of Hollywood (or wherever) is just as bad, but much, much bigger. He’s just a single parasitic worm in an enormous, stinking pile of crap.

    (The Republican Candidate, on the other hand, his case is different; we need to pick on him, call him on every sexist speech/tweet/text, because he’s actually an important public figure, incredible though that may seem. He is, individually, a genuine threat to the US and its citizens).