“That’s Not Who He Is”

He had showed up at the protest
With a banner and a shield
With a sense of righteous anger
And a vow, he would not yield!
He was shouting all the slogans
He was marching through the park
(He had even brought a Tiki Torch
In case it got too dark)

He was just defending culture
He just felt that it was right
And you couldn’t really blame him

If that culture was alt-right.
He was not the face of evil
Just, at most, misunderstood
Why, just listen to the president,
Who says the kid is good!

They were normal, good Americans,
“Fine people”, every one,
Who had traveled down to Charlottesville
To have a little fun
They were certainly not Nazis
(and it’s not their fault they’re white)
No, the Nazis were those marching
To their left and to their right

Some were shouting “Blood and Soil”
(They’re allowed to state their views!)
Some were showing off their “88”
Or swastika tattoos
There were flags, and shields, and helmets,
There were loud “Heil Trump!” salutes
There were all the Nazi trappings
(Though the president disputes)

Say he showed up just for giggles—
Say he showed up as a lark
He still marched with fucking Nazis
Chanting slogans in the park
If you show up to a party
Just a little bit naive
And you find it’s full of Nazis
Then it’s time to fucking leave

He was marching with the Nazis
He was marching with the Klan
He can claim he didn’t mean it
But he’s following their plan
At this point, yes, prosecution
Is the proper thing to do
(If the president defends him…
Hell let’s prosecute him, too.)

No, I’m not back. Not decided anything yet. This just popped out while disagreeing with a cat about the merits of biting my arm. I’m against it; she has an opposing view.


  1. says

    disagreeing with a cat about the merits of biting my arm

    You know, there are lots of sides. Many many sides. There’s your cat’s side, and the cat’s side, and the cat’s opinion, and then your side.

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