Oh, yay. Another virus.

It might effect the elderly
It might effect the sickly
It might effect a bunch of us
If nothing changes quickly
It might effect the president
Although I can’t see how
It’s nothing we should care about—
Oh, shit. It hit the DOW.

It might effect my mom and dad
Or Mrs. X from school
It might effect some two percent—
Just two percent? That’s cool.
It might effect some loved ones
And perhaps loved ones of mine…
But, up till now, at least I though
Investments would be fine.

It might disrupt society
And interfere with plans
But nature has priorities
That disagree with man’s
When nature runs its calculus
Our dreams are, rightly, shit.
So, time to send some thoughts and prayers
The market took a hit.

Hello and thanks to anyone still reading. I don’t know quite what to say—this just showed up, so I posted it.


  1. says

    was I right in singing this to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandee? That’s the tune that immediately came to mind… lol

  2. John Morales says

    What CD wrote; to paraphrase:
    “It might result in the elderly
    It might result in the sickly
    It might result in a bunch of us”

    chigau, you might think it effective, but I don’t find it affective. Solecisms and all that.

    (A bit like stationary stationery)

  3. Thinker says

    Great to see you back, as always!

    It sure affects some journalists
    And editors of “news”
    Whose panic-stricken headlines
    Spread fear, much worse than flus.
    Then Covid strikes not just our health
    (As seen with SARS and MERS).
    Our empathy gets hit as well –
    and xenophobia’s worse.

  4. John Morales says

    memehunter, of course.

    (Though technically, it’s a malapropism, not typographical errors; it glares)

  5. Die Anyway says

    Oh yay! Another Digital Cuttlefish poem.
    I really, really miss the regular postings. Am currently camped in the woods, far from the madding crowd.

  6. StevoR says

    Are you still okay Digital Cuttlefish? I’m hoping so and hope you could let us all know here. Tough & strange times.

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